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HVK Archives: Shahabuddin asks Centre to curb Khilafat campaign

Shahabuddin asks Centre to curb Khilafat campaign - The Asian Age

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
25 January 1997

Title : Shahabuddin asks Centre to curb Khilafat campaign
Author :
Publication : The Asian Age
Date : January 25, 1997

Syed Shahabuddin president of the Insaf party, on Friend said he saw that the
campaign for Khilafat (pan-Islamism), being run by Islamic extremists, had
its roots abroad and urged the Centre to initiate steps to curb such

In a statement here, he said the campaign was aimed at alienating Muslim
youth from the national mainstream and that it was high time that the
government "wakes up to nip this mischief in the bud." Elaborating on his
view point, Syed Shahabuddin alleged that the Khilafat campaign would create
conflict between Islam and the Indian state which in retrospect would provide
grist for the Hindutva mills. He blamed the Students' Islamic Movement of
India for spreading what he called poisonous tentacles all over the country
by propagating Khilafat. He described the campaign as "pernicious and

Though the former MP was not sure of who actually was behind the campaign he
said is "obviously has its roots abroad."

The SIMI which is known to have spread its activity all over the country in
recent years believes in pan-Islamism which is, its critics say, fraught with
many ramifications for the country's Muslims. Many of its members have
publicly asserted that the ills of the Muslims across the globe will end with
the revival of Khilafat which means rule by a Caliph. However, the SIMI
leaders have in the past strongly denied they were spreading hatred in the
name of religion or dragging Muslim youth out of the national mainstream.

Meanwhile, the Qaumi Mushawarat Committee on Friday announced its members
will stage a sit-in outside the residence of defence minister Mulayam Singh
Yadav on February 1 to mark the 11th anniversary of the reopening of the lock
of the Babri mosque at Ayodhya. The dharna would be held to impress upon the
minister the need to consider the demands of the Muslim community.

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