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HVK Archives: City doctors join Vedic association

City doctors join Vedic association - Mid-day

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
1 February 1997

Title : City doctors join Vedic association
Author :
Publication : Mid-day
Date : February 1, 1997

About 50 city doctors became members of the newly formed Vedic
Medical Association of India the Indian chapter of Maharshi Vedic
University yesterday.

At a function held at Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi city doctors were
addressed by Dr Satinder Swaroop, an Indian heart specialist, and
Dr Barry Charles a family physician.

They are currently on a nation-wide tour to present programmes to
build Maharishi Medical College and hospital in India and promote
Maharshi Mahesh Yogi's Vedic approach to health.

"Modern medicine is hazardous. Medical profession is causing
diseases and killing people instead of serving humanity. So much
that a journal in US, doctors have been called pathogens," said Dr

"If the Indian Medical Council and the Indian Medical Association
oppose the vedic health care system, they should walk out," he

He justified his stand by saying that the fact that Ved is in the
human body has been scientifically proved by American neurologist
Dr Tony Nader who researched with Maharishi, the founder of the

Dr Nader discovered that the 40 aspects of the Ved and Vedic
literature to be the 40 fields of intelligence within the body
governs all the 40 values of the structures and functions of human
physiology, he said.

The foundation plans to build a Maharshi Vedic college in India,
legally challenge the existing health care system and make the
masses aware of the hazads of modern medicine.

"We also plan to build a hospital based on the principles of Vastu
shastra, which also have scientific base," said Dr Charles.

"Around 800 billion dollars are spent annually on health care in
the US, but despite the availability of most sophisticated medical
technology, there are still a lot of diseases that need to be taken
care of there," said Dr Swaroop. The situation in India will
shortly be like the US, he pointed out.

The answer lies in application of the age-old knowledge of health
found in Indian heritage - the Vedic literature. Those interested
may contact Maharshi Veda Vigyan Peeth at: 7660562.

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