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HVK Archives: 'BJP should decide on purge in party'

'BJP should decide on purge in party' - The Observer

Press Trust of India ()
5 February 1997

Title : 'BJP should decide on purge in party'
Author : Press Trust of India
Publication : The Observer
Date : February 5, 1997

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Prof Rojendra Singh on Tuesday
said that it was for the BJP to decide whether the party needed to
purge the organisation of elements lacking discipline and nurturing
perverse ambitions. "However, I think such a situation has not
arisen, even though there has been some indiscipline among those
indiscriminately admitted into the party during the last few years,
when it has grown rapidly," Singh told a press conference here.

Asked whether there was no more any room for 'prodigals' m the RSS,
he said there was still some place in the organisation for them,
but not for those whose behaviour was marked by 'perversity' like
Gujarat Chief Minister Shankar Sinh Vaghela. The RSS
Sarsangachalak said that Vaghela had recently expressed a wish to
meet him, but he had declined to meet him.

In the RSS, the country came first, and the organisation next and
only then, the individual. By his 'perverse' revolt in Gujarat for
the sake of power, Vaghela had done much damage to the country and
the organisation, the RSS chief said. However, he did not see a
similar situation emerging in Rajasthan.

Asked whether the BJP had diluted 'Hindutva' in the recent times,
Prof Singh replied in the negative. There was nothing wrong in the
BJP having alliance with the Akalis in Punjab even if the two
parties had differences over the Anandpursaheb resolution. "They
(the BJP) have not given up their principles." he said.

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