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Epoch making Hindu, Buddhist and Shinto meet - Hindu Heritage

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
Sat, 08 Feb 97 10:59:39 EST

Title : Epoch making Hindu, Buddhist and Shinto meet
Author :
Publication : Hindu Heritage
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KYOTO, the cultural capital of Japan. was witness to a unique
gathering of sant, sages and seers recently. For the first time
religious leaders; prominent scholars and thinkers from Hinduism,
Buddhism and Shintoism met each other with the firm belief that the
coming together of these three great religions of Asia will usher
in a new era of non-violence and peace in the world.

The conference which had its central theme 'Ahimsa for New World
Order' was held at Ryukoku University in Kyoto on November 5 and 6,
1996. It was a joint event organised by Council of Buddhist
Organisations, Japan; World Buddhist Cultural Foundation, Bharat;
Hindu Heritage Pratishthan (foundation), Bharat, Modi Foundation,
Bharat and Indian Cultural Study Association, Japan: Co-ordinated
by the Ryukoku University Festival Organising Committee, the
conference proceedings took place at Umiyagakusya Hall on November
5, 1996 and at Hakakusagakusya Hall oh November 6, 1996

Jagatguru Shankaracharya

The conference began auspiciously the prayer Nomotasa-thi Sorna led
by Ven. Jiun Aoki, Hon Vice President and Ven. Kina Shokichi and
mangal charana by Prof. Vamdeo Mishra.

In his opening address Jagatguru Shankaracharya blessed the meet of
three ancient religious traditions of Asia, which command respect
by their theology and are prone to unholy proselytizing pursued by
semetic religions. Expressing concern about religious intolerance
of the semetics, borne out of ignorance, he asked the followers of
Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism to stop the aggression by becoming
united and strong.

The wisdom of Upanishads, practise of Buddhism and love of nature
in Shintoism pervade the entire universe", said the Hindu sage.

Ven. Shizumaro Nakayama

Welcoming the delegates Ven. Shizumaro Nakayama, Vice-President,
recalled the glory of ancient Bharatvarsh. India, he stated is the
motherland of Buddhism and Hinduism. "This is the probably the
first time that the representatives of three great faiths Hinduism,
Buddhism and Shintoism have come together", said Shri Shizumaro".
"It is a great occasion", he announced.

Dr. Bhushan K. Modi

Dr. B.K. Modi, Chairman of Modi Foundation and the moving spirit
behind the meet urged the religious leaders to lead the mankind to
human glory. Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism, Bharat and Japan,
are like elder and younger brothers, he said. He wanted them to
work together in the interest of humanity.

Dr. Karan Singh

Providing the key note address, Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of the
India International Centre, New Delhi, called the coming together
of learned men from the three streams of ancient wisdom
representing over two billion fellow-beings or one-third humanity
as the most auspicious event. Bharat is land of Lord Buddha and
every Hindu is to some extent a Buddhist, he said. He stressed the
need for understanding the spiritual bonds between Shintoism and
Hinduism. He cited the Goddess Saraswati as one such bond and
asked the Ryukoku University and Delhi/Banaras Hindu University to
collaborate to explore the common wisdom of Hinduism and Shintoism.

Ahimsa has five dimensions of peace, Dr. Karan Singh said. These
are: 1. Peace within each human being. 2. Peace in the family 3.
Peace in the society 4. Peace in the nation state 5. Peace in the
world. The human beings have disfigured the Vasundhara (the
earth), said the learned scholar. The entire human race needs to
move to a higher level of consciousness, he asserted.

Others who spoke at the meet included Rev. Jiun Aoki. Dr. Yoko
Tada, Dr. Tokan Sumi, Shri Takeo Yamamoto, Smt. Daw Than Than Nu,
Shri Narendra Mohan. Ven Lama Logzang, Acharya Giriraj Kishore,
Ven Kyo Shun and Prof Pema Gyalpo.

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