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HVK Archives: Stop the HuT?

Stop the HuT? - The Hindustan Times

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
Mon, 10 Feb 97 15:21:11 EST

Title : Stop the HuT?

Extremists launch Hindu-Sikh hate campaign

Hizb-ut-Tahrir(HuT) is an ultra fundamentalist terrorist group.
HuT, and other similar outfits, call for a JIHAD (Holy War) against
Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and all those who do not submit to their
intolerant ideology. These groups are now active in over 50 UK
college campuses, specially targeting young and unsuspecting Hindu
and Sikh women for conversion. HuT often uses Islamic, Pakistan and
Culture societies as front to preach its Hindu-Sikh hatred.

A Chronology of Events

1988 Apr HuT publishes "Islamic Rule on Hijacking Aeroplanes" which
condones air-terror against countries 'opposed' to Islam

1991 Feb Omar Bakri, HuT(UK) leader, calls for assassination of
John Major. Bakri is held in police custody for 48 hours

1994 Aug HuT conference at Wembley Area attended by 8,000 Muslim
youths. Leaders call for intensification of campus campaign to
bring Hindu and Sikh women to Islam.

NHSF calls on government to take firm action before any untoward
incident happens. Gujarat Samachar 12.8.94.

1994 Oct Hindu student threatened at University of London meeting.
HuT subsequently banned at some London colleges for extremist

1994 Nov LSE student, alleged HuT activist, kidnaps 3 British
tourists in India and threatens to behead them.

1995 Jan HuT widely believed to be behind race attacks on Hindu and
Sikh students at West Thames college.

Hindu student leader predicts further violence if HuT continues to
incite Muslim students. Time Out Magazine 25.1.95.

1995 Mar Student stabbed to death at Newham college. Finger once
again points to HuT sympathisers.

1995 May Hindu student in Luton threatened with death for
initiating campus campaign against fundamentalism and harassment.

1995 Jul Letter published praising Muslim who have done the
"ultimate action" by converting girls to Islam. "Islam allow you
four. Why have you stopped at one...you should use your style and
gift to get more Sikh girls for yourself." 786 Khilafa.

1995 Aug HuT 'Rally for Islam' at Trafalger Square. Two Hindu women
converted on stage in front of 2,000 Muslim youths.

1995 Sept Young Hindu girls lured away from Navratri celebrations
by 'Islamic Hit Teams' in Leeds and Bradford.

1995 Oct London college forced to close as mob of 300 Muslim youths
threaten riot. Evening Standard

1995 Nov After representations from Hindu and Sikh leaders,
Bradford headteachers take decision to expel students who indulge
in extreme militant activities and threaten the safety of other

1995 Nov National Union of Student (NUS) publishes 'Campus Watch'
report which confirms NHSF assertions that Islamic fundamentalism
is the greatest threat to harmony in British universities.

1995 Dec Letter circulated to parents of Hindu and Sikh students at
Slough and Eton school. "This is more or less an Islamic school. We
Muslims don't want 'Kafirs' such as Sikh and Hindu children in this
school to mix with out children...If your children come to this
school we will bully you boys like the way we did to they boy who
committed suicide, and we will make you daughters pregnant and
change them into Islam." The Chalvey Muslim Boys

The truth about conversions...

At the Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HuT) conference at the Wembley Arena in
August 1994, a Sikh girl was converted on stage in front of 8000
cheering and clapping Muslims. The Sikh girl then proceeded to
attack Sikhism making particularly offensive statements against
Sikh Gurus. The audience laughed and continued to cheer. Some of
this speech was televised on satellite T.V. and on the HuT's pirate
radio station. Muslim leaders at the conference called for an
intensification of the campaign to bring Sikh and Hindu women to
Islam. The same thing happened at the HuT's 'Rally for Islam'
conference in Trafalger Square, in August 1995. This time 2 Hindu
women were converted on stage in front of 2000 cheering Muslims.
Again Muslim leaders, demanded that Muslim boys try harder to
convert Sikh and Hindu girls.

HuT leader issued a directive in January 1995, to specially
selected male members telling them to place Ads in Personal Columns
of National Asian newspapers inviting relationship from Asian
women. They were told to write that the religion and nationality of
the girl were unimportant and be ambiguous about their own
backgrounds by for example only describing themselves as Asian.
They were further told to form intimate relationships with only
Sikh and Hindu girls who replied with the aim of conversion. The
expense of the Ads and any dates was to be paid by the HuT.

Certain Muslims have taken to wearing Karas (Sikh steel bracelets)
at Bhangra gigs, with the aim of specifically seeking to meet Sikh
and Hindu girls. When meeting the girls, these people identify
themselves in such a way that the girl does not realise they are
Muslim, for example by shortening the name Mohammed to Mohan. They
then form a relationship with the girl and begin the slow path to

HuT leadership has instructed it's members to specifically target
'problem' groups for conversion. These include young teenage girls,
people with social problems, the recently bereaved and victims of
abuse as children. These people are considered to be weak willed
and so easily manipulated. Once identified, the Muslim will try to
convince their target that Islam will magically solve all their
problems. Incidentally in 1992, the HuT produced an article telling
Muslim men to particularly target "non-Muslim girls with plain or
unattractive physical facial or body feature". These girls the
article said would not be "accustomed to this attention" and would
do anything to maintain any relationship. It went on to say that
the "discomfort you may feel in such a relationship, especially if
intimate, is only temporary however the rewards you will receive in
Heaven will last for eternity".

The HuT had instructed Muslims to work in groups when converting,
with one person forming a very close friendship with their target.
The group then works to find out the strengths and weakness of the
person involved and then will work accordingly, if for example, the
person loves sport and is very athletic, they will go on about how
Islam actively encourages sport and all the world's best sportsmen
such as Mohammed Ali, Tyson and Imran Khan are Muslims. If the
person has a strongly anti-while attitude, they will stir up racial
hatred against whites even more by talking about past white
injustice against them. This policy has been used effectively with
Afro-Caribbeans, with whom they talk about the slave trade and give
Malcom X as a role model (Muslim groups leafleted black cinema
audiences watching Malcom X when it was released). Similarly,
hard-up students have been offered well-paid jobs with Muslim
business, providing they convert.

Forced conversions do occur. There have been many documented cases
(at least one in Southall) when Sikh and Hindu girls have been
taken to Pakistan by their Muslim boyfriends and forcibly
converted. Those resisting are passed on to other Muslim men who
keep the girl under lock and key, in some remote village without
telephones. All the girl's money and her passport are taken away.
Other cases have occurred when Sikh and Hindu girls are
photographed naked by their Muslim boyfriends, who tell the girl to
convert or the photos will be published in magazine and sent to the
girl's family and friends. These are tragically not scare stories
but actual facts.

Conversions to Islam almost always occur out of a person's
ignorance or misunderstanding of their own religion. Take the time
to understand you religion and educate others. The process of
conversion is usually very subtle and gradual. It always occurs by
progressively undermining your culture and religion through
misquoting religion texts and falsifying historical events. Be on
your guard, and stop them from spreading lies about your religion
be you Sikh or Hindu. The HuT and other Muslim groups have said
that they aim to make France, an Islamic Republic by the year 2015,
and Britain by 2025 through conversions, immigration and high
Muslim birth rates. They must be stopped.

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