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HVK Archives: 1,100 Jamait activists teaching in schools

1,100 Jamait activists teaching in schools - The Hindustan Times

Arun Joshi ()
12 February 1997

Title : 1,100 Jamait activists teaching in schools
Author : Arun Joshi
Publication : The Hindustan Times
Date : February 12, 1997

The Jammu and Kashmir Government had absorbed 1, 100 hard-core
Jamait-e-Islami activists as teachers in the Government schools
during the past seven years of militancy in the State.

These activists who were teaching in the Jamait-e-Islami run
schools or 'Madrassas' till 1990 were absorbed into the Government
service after their schools were ordered to close by then Governor
Jagmohan. While a few absorbed as they claimed they had no other
place to go to earn their livelihood, other, ,moved the court and
got themselves appointed as teachers in the Government schools.

The dangerous fallout was that they started "indoctrinating" young
minds in the Government schools and that explains a high rate of
drop-out of teenagers from the schools in the earls nineties and
their taking up guns against the State, sources n he Education
Department said.

These teachers have been instrumental in eulogising militancy and
"imprinting" wrong impressions on the young minds and the
Government is helpless in the whole matter. The Government has cut
its own hands, sources said while pointing out that nearly 7,000
the students of various age 18 had deserting schools.

When contact, Mr Abdul Qayoom, State's Education Minister confirmed
this. He said, "yes it was true that 1,100 teachers who are
basically Jamait-e-Islami activists were absorbed into the
Government service on court orders."

Mr Qayoom said that is why he had expressed "reservations on Mr
Jagmohan's orders of closing the Madrassas in 1990," the year when
he was re-appointed as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. Now the
Government, he said, had detected that some of these institutions
which have been derecognised or not recognised by the State's
Education Department were "seeking clandestine affiliations with
the recognised schools." "We are going to derecognise all such
institutions found guilty of afiliating non-recognised schools for
the examination purpose."

Mr Qayoom told The Hindustan Times that "it was the last trial for
us" and we have to "rebuild the whole education system, he
regretted, had "collapsed" during the years of militancy."

There is always talk of "political interference that spoils
everything. But where was the political interference in the past
seven years and still the education system could not be saved from
a collapse with a thud. Who did all this," he asks and answers
himself: "Bureaucrats."

The academic calendar was disturbed, the examinations were not held
as per schedule nor were teachers responding to their duties in
time. "It is time when we should consolidate." He feels that the
time is knocking at "our door and asking us to improve quality
rather than expanding the system that does justice neither to the
students nor teachers."

Mr Qayoom announced that in future all the newly recruited teachers
would have to undergo training at the district training centres
before teaching in schools. "In fact, I wanted entrance test for
the recruitment of teacher. That would have been ideal. But the
move would have benefited only the people from towns and rural
areas would have stood neglected," he said.

Another change that would be introduced is to fix cut-off mark for
the students seeking admission into higher education institutions.

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