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HVK Archives: Gandhi's must be quizzed in Bofors case

Gandhi's must be quizzed in Bofors case - The Observer

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
15 February 1997

Title : Gandhi's must be quizzed in Bofors case
Author :
Publication : The Observer
Date : February 15, 1997

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday charged former Prime
Minister Rajiv Gandhi with involvement in the Bofors
kickback scandal and demanded a thorough investigation of
his links with recipient of bribes.

"The BJP will not tolerate if the Government attempts to
divert the probe or slowdown the investigations," BJP
spokesperson Yashwant Sinha said.

The conspiracy angle and the cover up operations during
the Narasimha Rao regime must be investigated, he said.

The county cannot be taken for a ride again on the Bofors
gun deal, Sinha said demanding that the Central Bureau of
Investigation must also interrogate former External
Affairs Minister Madhav Sinh Solanki to ascertain as to
what papers he had handed over to his Swisss counterpart
and at whose behest.

The announcement of the name of Ottavio Quattrochi and
his wife as recipients of Bofors kickbacks by the CBI is
a clear indictment of the Rajiv Gandhi family as "they
were known to be socially intimate to each other," Sinha

Congress protestations and claims of innocence gave rise
to fresh doubts, he said ridiculing Congress
spokesperson's denial of links between Gandhi family and

"Only somebody out of his senses can deny links
between the two families when documented proof of the
same existed," the BJP leader said commenting on the
denial by Congress spokesperson V N Gadgil on Thursday.

It was during Rajiv Gandhi's tenure the Bofors gun deal
was finalised in 1986 and it is also proved now that
bribes were paid and to whom.

Quattrochi, representing an Italian firm, Snam Progetti,
dealing with fertilisers, and his wife were paid money by

"We say without hesitation that Quattrochi and Gandhi
families have links," Sinha said adding that Rajiv Gandhi
had also misled Parliament on the Bofors issue.

The entire Congress party stands totally discredited be
cause cover up in Bofors continued all through the five
years of Narasimha Rao regime, Sinha said.

Besides, now it is becoming clear that political pressure
was brought upon the CBI to allow Quattrochi to slip away
quietly in 1993. He now is staying in Malaysia. A CBI
team probing the Bofors case has already left for that
country to process the matter further.

Former CBI joint director Madhavan has alleged that not
only the CBI was prevented from hauling up Quattrochi for
questioning but also he was advised to leave the country.

Quoting Madhavan, the BJP leader said the CBI knew of
Quattrochi's intended departure and as it was making
moves to prevent the same when political pressure was

brought upon the investigating agency.

The very mention of Quattrochi somehow leads to
discomfort within the Congress, felt Sinha, "for reasons
that are unclear."

Others named by the Central Bureau of Investigation are
Win Chaddha his son and his wife. Chaddha in now staying
in Dubai. According to CBI officials said a delegation of
Dubai Police was likely to arrive here next week to
discuss extradition of several accused wanted by CBI in
different cases.

Former CBI Joint Director K Madhavan, had on Thuesday
expressed scepticism over the agency's more to locate

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