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HVK Archives: Fate of UF government uncertain, says Paswan

Fate of UF government uncertain, says Paswan - The Economic Times

Gaya ()
17 February 1997

Title : Fate of UF government uncertain, says Paswan
Author : Gaya
Publication : The Economic Times
Date : February 17, 1997

The Union railway minister, Mr Ram Vilas Paswan, today said he as
not sure how long the United Front government would last while
conceding that the alliance was facing "difficulties" in taking
policy decisions.

"I am unable to say how long the 13-party coalition will remain In
power and when I shall become a former minister", Mr Paswan
remarked at a gathering after laying the foundation stone for
modernisation of Gaya railway station here.

"I am running the railway ministry as a batsman and my inclination
is much more on piling up runs without knowing when I will he clean
bowled," the minister contended.

The minister expressed serious concern over the recent rise in
train robberies in Bihar.

A sum of Rs 117.66 lakh was estimated to be spent on the
modernisation of the Gaya railway station.

Janata Dal MP Mrs Bhagwati Devi and BJP leader Mr Dhirendra
Agarwal, MP, were also present.

Later, while laying the foundation of a road overbridge at Fatua,
the railway minister stated that necessary allocation would be made
in the coming Railway Budget for 1997-98 for the construction of
the proposed overbridge over River Ganga near Patna.

He said a technical survey would soon be undertaken for the
reopening of the Fatua-Islampur light railway.

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