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HVK Archives: Indrajit is all praise for Mumbai police

Indrajit is all praise for Mumbai police - The Economic Times

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
17 February 1997

Title : Indrajit is all praise for Mumbai police
Author :
Publication : The Economic Times
Date : February 17, 1997

The Mumbai Police, often accused of 'communal' bias, has come in
for praise from unexpected quarters: The nation's first Communist
home minister, Mr Indrajit Gupta.

Mr Gupta's pat on the back for the Mumbai Police came today while
addressing Delhi Police personnel and their family members on
Police Raising Day here.

He exhorted Delhi Police personnel to emulate Mumbai policemen
while dealing with genuine complaints.

Mr Gupta's statement would be a pleasant surprise for the Mumbai
police and the 'saffron' Maharashtra state government During the
1992-92 communal riots, both Muslim and human rights groups charged
the Mumbai police force of a strong anti-Muslim bias in handling
the violence.

The 'secular' Union home minister, however, was generous in his
praise of the force and said that the Mumbai police had a good
record in dealing with the genuine problems of the people, while
remaining tough with criminals.

However, he did not have such kind words for Delhi's unpopular law
enforcers. Mr Gupta was unhappy with the general behaviour of the
Delhi Police especially at the lower ranks while attending to
public grievances.

The CPI leader and Union home minister said he had received several
complaints from the public regarding non-registration of their
First Information Reports (FIRS) at the police stations.

Further, he regretted the fact that the national capital had become
a den for criminals committing heinous crimes.

Clearly, such comments are hardly the thing that the Delhi Police,
which has a tendency to pat itself on the back, would like to hear.

However, the minister had a sympathetic view about the problems
facing Delhi Police. "I understand various problems confronting
Delhi Police," Mr Gupta said.

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