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HVK Archives: Bombay is Bombay ....not Mumbai

Bombay is Bombay ....not Mumbai - Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
17 February 1997

Title : Bombay is Bombay ....not Mumbai
Author :
Publication : Afternoon Despatch & Courier
Date : February 17, 1997

It's Bombay, not Mumbai. The name of the country's premier city has
been restored. The central government has realised that changing
the name to Mumbai (also of Madras to Chennai) has adversely
affected foreign trade.

The decision is with immediate effect. Newspapers may start
referring to Mumbai as Bombay and Chennai as Madras, and shops,
institutions, clubs may return to the original name.

The centre's decision has been received with mixed feelings.

Former municipal commissioners, Mr. J. B. D'Souza, and Mr. S. S.
Tinaikar, have both welcomed the decision to return to the name
Bombay. The centre has decided to stick to the name Bombay in its
interstate and international dealings. Mr. Tinaikar, while
welcoming the decision said that there will be a conflict between
the state and central government on the issue.

Mr. D'Souza, said, "I am glad. There was no sense in changing the
name from Bombay to Mumbai. The craze to change the name from
Bombay to Mumbai was a mistake sense of patriotism."

Mr. Tinaikar recalled that it was the municipal corporation which
had recommended the change of name in 1982-83 to the state
government. "But it was the Shiv Sena government which unilaterally
decided to amend the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, which describes
the jurisdiction of each district and the name thereof. The
Congress government at the centre was weak and since the renaming
happened on the eve of the elections, they accepted the state
government decision. I was surprised when the Postal & Telegraph
department changed over to Mumbai even without waiting for a formal
order from the central government."

The centre's decision is a sequel to the decision by major
English-speaking countries like the US,UK & Australia to stick to
the Anglicised names of countries and places.

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