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HVK Archives: A move against the missionaries' menace

A move against the missionaries' menace - Organiser

G. Shreedathan ()
16 February 1997

Title : A move against the missionaries' menace
Author : G. Shreedathan
Publication : Organiser
Date : February 16, 1997

"The Communist Party in Kerala is now-a-days grappling with a new
problem," says Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan the Kerala State Vishva
Hindu Parishad Organising Secretary who was in Delhi recently,
Talking to G. Shreedathan of Organiser about the recent political
and social developments in the State Shri Rajasekharan said : "Of
late the 'comrades' are deserting the party with most of them
joining Hindu forces.

Meanwhile, the Church in Kerala has intensified its programme of
Evangelisation 2000. In order to combat the challenge thrown by
the Church, the Vishva Hindu Parishad has taken up Hinduisation
2000, Rajasekharan disclosed. Here below is a write-up based on
the conversation with Shri Rajasekharan.

Kerala is sometimes falsely represented as a domain of the left,
although one cannot ignore its influence among the intellectuals
which now is in its passing phase. The top brass have already,
received its signals and are struggling to keep the rank and file
intact. The series of political killings inspired by the CPM
recently in the State is a desperate attempt to hold back comrades
deserting the party. The party has realised that there is almost an
exodus of comrades to the Hindutva ideology as is evident from a
party circular which expresses its anguish over the swelling of
Hindu forces. Also even after long innings in national politics,
the 'Communist Paradise' has utterly failed to materialise.

Talking about the State Government's performance, Rajasekharan
observed, the party in power has failed in every sphere of
administration. Although not disclosed, the Chief Minister himself
has admitted that there is one "Brutus" (he meant a corrupt
minister) in his ministry. The fundamentalist forces and
corruption is ruling the roost. The party in power is only
interested in keeping the minorities in good stead. The Muslim
fundamentalists have killed four Hindu activists in Muslim
dominated northern districts of the State and the Government is yet
to take action against anyone. Anti-national elements are
conducting guerilla training and arms ammunition are transported
almost openly, he added.

The VHP leader alleged that the Church has intensified its
'operation malignation' of Hindu traditions and culture. There is
a conspiracy of silence between the minority fundamentalists and
the two major political fronts in the State.

Hindu forces in Kerala
About the Hindu forces at work in the State he said, unlike many
other parts in India the Kerala psyche operates in unique manner,
thanks to the numerous democratic, social and political movements
which have moulded it. For instance "Mannathu Padmanabhan
continues to be a highly venerated social leader. But no one will
hold him above faith and family though emotional attachment cannot
be denied", he observed.

Given, one section of the society has lost its head over the
Communist utopia and has not come out of it, a notion prevails that
Kerala is turning its back against Hindutva forces. This impression
is not to be corroborated by the political dividends gained by the
BJP. Needless to say the wave of Hindutva is "veiling and the
trend is quite palpable. Kerala is also marching along with the
rest of the country.

This is evident from the enthusiasm witnessed in Hindu society, to
renovate their places of worship. Now one can hardly see a temple
or other places of worship in ruins.

"Crowds of faithfuls converging at a church or a mosque is
different since these are organised religions. But Hindus of
different faiths coming together to build a temple or renovate an
ashram is something", the VHP leader said.

Threat to Hinduism

Shri Rajasekharan observed that the major threat to Hinduism today
is from the co-religionists. As Hinduism has been at the receiving
end of both the proselytising faiths and has to face both petro
dollars and white dollars simultaneously. Adding to its woes it is
forced to combat the anti-Hindu policies of the desi 'Secularists'.

Elaborating further on the challenges of Hinduism today he pointed
out, following the pope's declaration for total evangelisation by
2000 AD, the Church is devising various means, fair and foul, to
add to its flock.

Their methodology is to "infiltrate, penetrate and sabotage". In
their persuit, they leave no stone unturned. The Church is
exploiting the free and independent Hindu way of thinking and
endeavour to obtain psychological conversion before actual
proselytisation. They are pouring in crores in the guise of charity
and so-called humanitarian activities, in tribal and dalits areas,
which is supposed to be the "delicate belt" of Hinduism. Also huge
amount of money and news print are spent on rots interpreting Hindu
scriptures and traditions. In this exercise they do not spare even
the gods, spew venom on them. It is reported, in national dailies
that lakhs of copies of a booklet were distributed in which Lord
Krishna was represented as a pervert, homosexual and source of AIDS
in the world. Recently in Sabarimala the unique hill temple which
is situated deep inside a forest, the Church distributed several
lakhs of copies of a book titled Aum Hariharaputraya Namah -
meaning salutation to the son of Vishnu and Shiva - Dharmasastha,
the presiding deity of Sabarimala. This is an incantation of the
deity. But the interesting thing is that a sketch of Jesus Christ
was displayed on the cover. The contents of the book draw the
misleading conclusion that the presiding deity of Sabarimala is
Jesus Christ!

To suit their end, Rajasekharan continued, some Christian
'historians' are engaged in churning out new theories. The
following is in fact a classic example of how a lie becomes an
tempted 'fact'. There is no historical evidence regarding the
arrival of St Thomas to the shores of Kerala. Indeed it is very
much against commonsense and known facts. But years ago some
Christian 'historian' postulated that St Thomas reached India and
now it is swallowed as a 'historical fact'. Reportedly another
'historian' recently 'discovered' that there were no Hindus when St
Thomas arrived in Kerala (which itself is a fabrication). The crux
of his theory is that there were only Buddhists at that time. The
machinations are very much similar to those of the imperialists who
used to- brain-wash the natives of their colonies before feeding
them their own versions of history to establish their superiority,
said the VHP leader.

For attracting Hindus he said, they are exploiting institutions
like dhyana kendras (meditation centres), misusing its symbols,
tantra, mantra and yoga. Once the target is psychologically
prepared they device ingenious methods to effectively convert them
to Christianity. For attaining this a battery of 29,000 full time
workers (including nuns and priests) has been put into action.
According to reliable Sources every Year the Hindu population in
Kerala is going down at the rate of 1 per cent, he said

Hinduisation 2000

Emphasising the Parishad's commitment to fight down the Church's
sinister designs he said, there is no going back on this. The
'Vishva Hindu Parishad has already launched a multipronged
programme to combat the menace ideologically and also physically by
checking the clandestine conversions. The social disparity and lack
of religious consciousness are the prime causes of conversion and
not exclusively economical as is' generally perceived. For
instance, "you can convert a Naryana to Mathew but not the vice
versa even though both of them come with smilar economic
background. So something else is also lacking-the religious
consciousness", he said. The Parishad aims at building up the
people's confidence by impressing upon them the
we-are-with-you-in-thick-and-thin promise, he added.

Shri Rajasekharan admitted that the Parishad does not have the
money to match the white dollars nor does it want to opt for a
money-oriented policy of luring people back to their parental
faith. Admitting that money is indispensable he said More important
is the manpower. The Parishad peoposes to introduce Hindu
missionaries who will keep a vigilant watch over their designs and
their 'Christian love'. "They are no more interested in the
already converted Christian poor. They would rather shed crocodile
tears over the exaggerated 'plight' of Hindu dalits", the VHP
leader observed.

Shri Rajasekharan emphasised that the Parishad would set up
orphanages and poor homes for the vulnerable which are to be the
breeding grounds for conversion. Besides, VHP also plane to recruit
youths and set up anti-conversion scauds.

The VHP does not claim exclusive credit for the awakening of Hindus
in Kerala, Rajasekharan admitted and added many earlier movements
had done the ground work for this. Many times efforts were
undertaken for Hindu consolidation which lacked the fervour and
missionary spirit sustain them and they faded away. The reason was
it could not go beyond the unity of leaders. The Parishad dedicates
itself to consolidating Hindu society in a way so that the
solidarity remains durable Shri Rajasekharan said.

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