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HVK Archives: My men shot baker dead, says Shakeel

My men shot baker dead, says Shakeel - The Indian Express

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
17 February 1997

Title : My men shot baker dead, says Shakeel
Author :
Publication : The Indian Express
Date : February 17, 1997

Chhota Shakeel, the Dubai-based aide of Dawood Ibrahim, has claimed
responsibility for killing the president of the Mumbai Bakers'
Association, Mohammed Khalid, on Friday in Dongri.

"Maine usko qaum ke sath gaddari karne ki wajah se marwa dala (I
got him killed because of his treachery with the community),"
Shakeel declared, according to a top associate of his here today.

Khalid had recently switched loyalties from the Congress to the
Shiv Sena, which had caused disharmony among the local Muslims.
Some elders had also reportedly admonished him and urged him to
either return to the Congress or join the Samajwadi Party, which he
had refused.

Since the Muslim underworld supports the Samajwadi Party in the
elections, Khalid's elimination was deemed necessary.

His loyalty to the Sena had become so strong that on Bal
Thackeray's 73rd birthday he had personally plastered walls with
the party leader's pictures. When a police officer advised him
against such an indiscreet action which might park tension in-the
area, Khalid got him reprimanded by Raj Thackeray.

This further enraged the community. The self-styled executioner for
Muslims, Shakeel, swung into action and got Khalid killed. The
animosity was such that one of the killers, reportedly, was only 17
years old.

Although, Shakeel's claim could mean that Khalid was killed for
political reasons, crime branch officers dismissed this

They said the baker had properties in Vashi and in other prime
parts of Navi Mumbai in partnership.

He was said to be fighting with his partner over them so the latter
could have got Khalid killed, said the officers.

The Dongri police have a different theory. A senior officer said
mill-owners were hit after Khalid managed to get the flour prices

That must have angered them enough to give a supari for his

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