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HVK Archives: India has no reason to accuse Iran of terrorism: Gujral

India has no reason to accuse Iran of terrorism: Gujral - The Times of India

PTI ()
24 February 1997

Title : India has no reason to accuse Iran of terrorism: Gujral
Author : PTI
Publication : The Times of India
Date : February 24, 1997

India has no reason to accuse Iran of fundamentalism or terrorism,
external affairs minister I.K. Gujral said on Sunday ruling out any
pressure on New Delhi by the United States vis-a-vis its closer
friendly relations with Tehran.

Mr Gujral told newspersons in reply to queries about the Clinton
administration's efforts to link Iran to international terrorism
that no country had the right to impose unilateral sanctions
against another sovereign state.

If the sanctions are imposed by the United Nations, it will be a
different matter, he clarified.

He asserted that there was no question of the U.S. putting any
pressure on India and that New Delhi would continue to maintain
strong and friendly ties with Tehran.

In reply to another question, Mr Gujral said the U.S., which
accused Iran of supporting international terrorism, had given a
clean chit to those aiding and abetting terrorism in India.

India had told Iran that the elements backing the Taliban militia
in Afghanistan were the same which had been trying to destabilise
Kashmir through terrorism.

Mr Gujral, who held wide-ranging talks with the Iranian leaders on
bilateral, regional and global issues, apprised them of the
situation in Kashmir and the efforts being made by the Deve Gowda
government to qualitatively enhance India's relations with all its

He told newspersons that Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi
Rafsanjani, foreign minister All Akbar Velayati and deputy speaker
of the Iranian majlis Hasan Rowhani complimented India for the new
turn in its relations with Bangladesh.

They also appreciated the concept of sub-regional co-operation in
South Asia, mooted by India, for the benefit of all countries in
the region.

Afghanistan was the focus of attention in Mr Gujral's talks with
the Iranian leaders, especially the role of the Taliban militia.

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