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HVK Archives: Minorities panel was a stunt by Pawar : Joshi

Minorities panel was a stunt by Pawar : Joshi - The Times of India

Mahmood Raza ()
24 February 1997

Title : Minorities panel was a stunt by Pawar : Joshi
Author : Mahmood Raza
Publication : The Times of India
Date : February 24, 1997

Chief minister Manohar Joshi has stated that setting up of the
minorities commission was a political stunt by former chief
minister Sharad Pawar, aimed at appeasing the minorities.

"But we are not deceptive politicians," he asserted.

In an exclusive interview to The Tim- Of India, Mr Joshi expressed
satisfaction over the recent judgement of the supreme court on the
abolition of the minorities commission by the Sena-BJP government
in Maharashtra.

He clarified that his government was not against the minorities and
their economic development.

"We are not against the economic development and progress of any
caste, community and religion. For the alliance government, all
citizens are Indians and Maharashtrians, whether they are in the
majority or minority, or Hindus or Muslims. Our government is for
all Maharashtrians and for their all-round development," he noted.

"If members of the so-called minority communities have any problem,
they can approach this government directly. We assure them that the
government would do the needful, without any regard to their
religion and community. That is why there is no need for any
minority or majority commission in Maharashtra. The honourable
supreme court has given a very good and proper decision in this
regard," Mr Joshi observed.

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