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HVK Archives: BJP worried about ISI presence in Coimbatore dist.

BJP worried about ISI presence in Coimbatore dist. - The Times of India

Time of India News Service ()
24 February 1997

Title : BJP worried about ISI presence in Coimbatore dist.
Author : Time of India News Service
Publication : The Times of India
Date : February 24, 1997

A three-member team of BJP MPs on a mission to assess the situation
in the wake of recent communal violence in Tamil Nadu, has
expressed concern at, what it called, the presence of Pakistan
intelligence outfit ISI in some areas of Coimbatore, Nagapattinam
and Keezhakarai.

The BJP team, led by the party leader in Rajya Sabha Sikander
Bakht, met chief minister M. Karunanidhi on Sunday morning to
apprise the state government of its findings. Chief secretary K.A.
Nambiar and the state police chief K.K. Rajasekharan Nair were
present at the meeting, Mr Bakht said.

Talking to reporters later, the BJP leader said he had information
that the ISI was particularly active at Keezhakarai in
Ramanathapuram district.

Keezhakarai was the worst-affected area in the violence and arson
that followed the killing of Muslim fundamentalist leader Palani
Baba in an armed attack at Pollachi in Coimbatore on January 28.

Communal clashes that followed the killing claimed nine lives of
which Coimbatore alone accounted for six deaths.

The BJP team, on its return from a visit to sensitive areas in
Coimbatore, described the situation as "really bad." Mr Bakht
noted: "People there seem to be living in fear."

The BJP leader said the team interacted with other party members in
Coimbatore and also met a delegation of residents from Tirupur.

Referring to the role of the Pakistan intelligence agents in
disrupting peace, Mr Bakht said widespread activity of ISI in areas
of both southern and north-eastern regions should be checked and
the government must take steps to identify the elements through
with the ISI operated in these areas.

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