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'This is not RSS Govt'

'This is not RSS Govt'

Publication: Hindu Vision

In a recent interview to Indian Express Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said he had told crities of his government in the Sangh Parivar that they were harming "their government".

In response to this remark RSS spokesman Shri M. G. Vaidya has said:

'This is not an RSS government. There will be no RSS government in future times." Even a pure BJP government would not belong to the RSS, he stated, as it would have people without an RSS background. Asked about Shri Vajpayee's statement that such criticism only undermined the critics' clout and stature, Shri Vaidya said: "We don't care. It is for others to see if our clout is there or not." He added that in the RSS view, the Government was doing fine and would last its full term.

Reserving the RSS's right to criticise the Government, Shri Vaidya said: "We are not a formal opposition... The RSS will be putting forth its views on all important issues as explicitly and unequivocally as possible. We are not going to bind ourselves by compulsions of coalition politics."

"The RSS had nothing to do with the policies of the NDA Government. We don't exert any pressure on the Government and its policies. We only make our points of view clear". He reaffirmed the RSS stand on four major issues, Kashmir, Swadeshi, cow-slaughter and Ayodhya, and ruled out any dilution on these counts.

The RSS, he said, would not issue any directive to its cadres to work for any party in Uttar Pradesh. However, RSS workers would be free to work for any party. "They are, after all, voters too," he said. When asked for comments on the BJP decision not to make the Ayodhya temple an election issue, Shri Vaidya said it was for the BJP to reply. However, he added that "the temple is on our agenda" and the RSS "would support any movement for the construction of the temple."

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