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Announcement Of A Protest Against The Government Of Bangladesh

Announcement Of A Protest Against The Government Of Bangladesh

Hindu Human Rights group (HHR) is deeply concerned about  the current oppression of the Indigenous Hindu Minority  in Bangladesh.  The situation is all the more worrying  following the recent election of the BNP (Bangladesh  National Party) which includes extremist Islamic  elements.  Indeed, many of these groups openly call for  the "Talibanisation" of Bangladesh - their first act of  achieving that goal is the extermination of what remains  of the Indigenous Hindu People.

Although the Western Media has continuously ignored the  plight of Hindus in Bangladesh (in comparison to the  full media coverage of the persecutions in Kosovo,  Bosnia and Tibet, for example), the reports  of violence are equally as horrific.  It is being  reported that thousands of Hindu women and girls (even  as young as 8 years) are being gang-raped and harassed  by terror squads.  The murder of Hindu men and the  forced conversion of their families is also widespread.   This is in addition to numerous cases of land grabbing,  kidnapping and robbery (from what is already a poor  community within this developing nation).  Hindu Temples  are being demolished and desecrated on an alarming scale  (this includes incidents where cows, sacred to Hindus,  have been slaughtered on temple premises).

The terror that has been unleashed has now led to a  steep decline in the Hindu population.  It is clear to  any civilised human being that this amounts to genocide  and the fact that the government is in coalition with  these Terror Squads leads us to conclude that this is  state sponsored ethnic cleansing.

The persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh is nothing new;  indeed millions of Hindus were massacred in the fight  for Bangladeshi Independence.  It is ironic how a  community which has sacrificed so much for their country  is now the target of this, seemingly government  sponsored, rampage.

Let your voice be heard, speak out against religious  oppression and the destruction of Hindu Society.

Join us on Saturday 15 December 2001 at 12pm outside the  Bangladesh High Commission, 28 Queens Gate, South  Kensington, London.  Nearest tube: South Kensington and  Gloucester Road (both on Piccadilly Line).

We thank you for your support.

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