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200 terrorists contact security forces

200 terrorists contact security forces

Author: Dinesh Manhotra
Publication: The Daily Excelsior
Date: November 6, 2001

Foreign mercenaries re-think over 'jehad' as Pak ditches Taliban

Jammu, Nov 6: Antagonized over inhuman activities of so-called Mujahideens, a large number of disenchanted foreign terrorists, who had infiltrated in to this side to wage Jehad, have been desperately trying to return to their native places.

Atrocities committed by the terrorists on the innocent people coinciding with increasing pressure of forces, forced not only local militants but foreign terrorists to rethink about on-going Jehad. Serious thinking started among foreign terrorist whether to continue Jehad or to return to their native places.

For the last fortnight a good number of foreign terrorists have made attempt to exfiltrate as they are now very much aware of real face of so-called Jehad.

"Disenchanted foreign terrorists are pledging before the forces to allow them to cross over other side of the border so that they can return to their native places", informed defence sources.

Defence sources disclosed that a large number of highly educated youth, lured by the vicious campaign launched by the Mullahs and other fundamentalists elements, have joined Jehadi groups to get their Kashmiri brethren 'rid' from the yoke of Indian hegemony. "But they have realised ground realities as soon as they stepped into this side", said sources.

Defence sources narrated example of a engineer Pakistani youth, who had joined Jehad to 'save' Kashmiri Muslim from Indian atrocities. Belonging to a sound family of Lahore, Abdul Rashid (name changed), BE, (Civil) was influenced by the malicious campaign launched by some fundamentalist forces in Pakistan. Rashid along with some of his friends joined a Jehadi group and got training in camp located at Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Rashid later crossed over to India through Kupwara to wage Jehad against Indian forces. "Within a month's time Rashid realised that campaign launched in Pakistan was nothing but a false propaganda to befool the youth", defence sources said.

While pointing towards his interrogation report, defence sources said that Rashid visited various areas of Kashmir to get himself aware of the real situation. After spending more than one month in Kashmir, Rashid later crossed over to Jammu region where he interacted with large section of the people.

Rashid, who joined Jehad to protect the honour and dignity of the Kashmiri Muslims, was shell shocked to know that Muslims of not only Jammu and Kashmir but of entire India were better placed than even Muslims of Pakistan. Rashid, ultimately, decided to shun the path of violence and to return to his native place.

Abdul Rashid is not an isolated case, there are about 200 well educated terrorists, who had contacted the forces that they had mistakenly joined Jehad but now they want to live peaceful life.

Defence sources said that Pakistan's decision to ditch Muslim Taliban to offer support to United States of America (USA) has also forced to the educated militants to rethink Jehad.

Taking a leaf from the interrogation report of some terrorists, who had joined Jehad to fight for Islam, defence sources said that after Pakistan's support to USA terrorists have now realised that national interests were important than religion. "There is thinking among terrorists that if Pakistan, the so-called leader of Muslim nations, can back-stab cause of Islam for its own national interest why they should unnecessarily sacrifice their own lives", sources said. Defence sources said that disenchantment was high among local youth who have joined various Jehadi groups following instigation of Pakistan. Atrocities committed by the so-called Mujahideens on innocent citizens, Pakistan decision to ditch Taliban and increasing pressure of security forces, forced local youth to shun the path of violence and intensify efforts to restore peace and tranquillity in the State.

Pointing towards killings of 52 terrorists by the forces during last week, defence sources said that it has boosted moral of the security forces while it sent shock wave among terrorists who are hell bent to disrupt peace in the region.

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