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BJP seeks wider war on terrorism

BJP seeks wider war on terrorism

Author: Reuters
Publication: Indian Express
Date: November 2, 2001

Amritsar, November 2: Bharatiya Janata Party said on Friday that the global war on terrorism should be extended to Kashmir. Echoing the government's view, BJP president Jana Krishnamurthy told a party conclave that the US-led battle against terrorism was unlikely to succeed if confined to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan.

"International terrorism has spread its tentacles to many countries and will wreak its vengeance against America and other countries from some other operational bases," he said at a conference attended by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. "The situation has now come, not to separate terrorist attacks on America from the terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir or anywhere in India," he said in an opening address.

India is under diplomatic pressure to contain its tensions with Pakistan over Kashmir so as to not undermine the campaign against militants in Afghanistan who have been blamed for the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Security was tight for the BJP meeting across the Sikh holy city of Amritsar. The streets around the hotel where the conference was being held were blocked and sharpshooters were perched on rooftops.

BJP officials said delegates to the 140-member national executive would be urging the coalition government for tough measures to put down the militant revolt in Kashmir. "Terrorism is at the top of the agenda. We're seeking a total elimination of terrorism," Krishnamurthy earlier told reporters.

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