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A season for Marxist follies

A season for Marxist follies

Author: Not mentioned
Publication: Free Press Journal
Date: November 26, 2001

Patriotism may or may not be the last refuge of scoundrels but insanity certainly becomes our China-centric Marxists. Otherwise, do you think anyone claiming to be responsible would have openly justified the terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers in New York? The West Bengal CPI(M) leader, the venerable Subash Chakravorty, made bold to say the other day that his childhood dream to see the Towers crashed was realized when on September 11 bin Laden's religious maniacs banged aircraft-bombs against them. And the surprising part is that none in the Marxist politburo deemed it right to reprimand Chakravorty. Given that he is a senior member of the party and has been a senior minister in the Marxist Government in West Bengal his remarks cannot be lightly dismissed.

Indeed, they indicate the craven mindset of the Marxists who publicly make a great show of despising all things Americans (while privately craving for all things Americans.) Yet, given the fact that Putin and Bush were affecting a great show of friendship and that China, the preferred homeland of Indian Marxists, was going to great lengths to woo Americans and their dollars, the CPI(M) leaders ought to have tempered their anti-Americanism.

The end of the Cold War and the emergence of a unipolar world with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the economic decline of Russia needs must be factored in by the Indian Marxists in their world-view. Unfortunately, they continue to be more loyal than their masters in Beijing or Moscow when they miss no opportunity to criticize all things Americans(while sending their children to the US for education and employment).

Chakravorty was not only guilty of gloating over the fall of the Towers but he was insensitive to the terrible human tragedy their crash represented for tens of thousands of people who lost their near and dear ones under their debris.

The media in West Bengal and outside has been amiss in not paying sufficient attention to the atrocious statement of Chakravorty. It ought to have condemned in no uncertain terms his boorish remarks and called for their retraction. Even at this stage the guardians of Marxist morals would do well to demand an unconditional apology from Chakravorty. Admittedly, the controversial Marxist is given to say rather odd things from time to time but his remarks regarding the WTC were in rank bad taste and must be withdrawn forthwith.

Though in a different vein, the utterances of another West Bengal Marxist are bound to anger most Indians.

Writing in the Kolkata daily, 'The Telegraph', the other day, Ashok Mitra, a former minister in the Jyoti Basu Government, virtually suggested that India offer Kashmir on a platter to Pakistan. Mitra has for long been advertising his intellectual wares by making out a case for Indian withdrawal from Kashmir.

Last Friday his theme-song was that " Kashmir is, really and truly, an occupied territory; Indian military and paramilitary personnel rule the roost." You can be certain that Mitra's words will be music to the Pakistani ears and his article in the Kolkata daily will get a huge display in the Pakistani Press. Maybe his efforts at educating us Indians about the rights and wrongs of Kashmir would net him additional financial gain as well. But on whose side is this veteran Marxist? Certainly from his outpourings he does not seem to be on India's side.

Mitra harps on the UN resolution asking for a plebiscite in Kashmir and suggests that we have been dragging our feet on holding the plebiscite because "not even one per cent of the population in the Valley will vote for the continuation of the formal link with the Union of India." And then he delivers his punch line regarding Kashmir being an occupied territory, remarks, as we noted, bound to be exploited by Pakistan to bolster its obsessive anti-India propaganda on Kashmir.

Even while making an allowance for the fact that academics and intellectuals deserve ample space to carry on with their cerebral pursuits there is no justification for the inanities of the two West Bengal Marxists. That they are mavericks in their own parties is no excuse for their sordid and unpatriotic remarks.

It is not enough for the CPI(M) to suggest that the above remarks of Chakravorty and Mitra represent their private views. Indeed it is reflective of the collective Marxist identity in this country that the party harbours at its top-most echelons members with such a sickening and seditious mindset. Or maybe being unpatriotic is the hallmark of the Indian Marxists.

After all, who doesn't recall what the Indian Marxists were doing at the peak of the Chinese assault across the Himalayas in the winter of 1962? Nehru wasn't mad to have confined them inside jail throughout the Chinese aggression. Yes, they have changed since then in order only to enjoy the loaves and fishes of office but not changed well enough to be rid of their pernicious ways of thinking. No wonder they continue to be on the margins of the Indian polity.

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