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Al-Qaeda to release another video: Kuwait newspaper

Al-Qaeda to release another video: Kuwait newspaper

Publication: Dawn quoting al-Rai al-Aam
Date: November 3, 2001

Kuwait, Nov 3 - Osama bin Laden will appear for the second time in a pre-recorded videotape soon to be distributed to Qatar- based al-Jazeera satellite television channel, Kuwait's al-Rai al-Aam newspaper said today quoting an al-Qaeda member.

Bin Laden will answer all questions posed to him earlier by al-Jazeera and the US's CNN, said the al-Qaeda member who said he was present with bin Laden during the taping session.

The al-Qaeda member had reportedly spoken to the newspaper from Kabul. During the 45-minute video, bin Laden will have "repeated his firm stance for the necessity to confront the American crusade and also to confront Israel and its practices, criticized the Arab and Moslem rulers for their cooperation with America, and urged Moslems to participate in jihad, " said the al- Qaeda member.

He will also confirm an earlier statement made by Afghanistan's ruling Taliban that it was holding 10 captured Americans, he added without further detail.

The United States has criticised al-Jazera for allegedly pandering to al-Qaeda whims by airing their videos in full, while the U.S. government has asked its own networks to review and censor al-Qaeda productions before broadcasting them. - DPA

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