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Choose between terrorism and dialogue, India tells Pak

Choose between terrorism and dialogue, India tells Pak

Author: Press Trust of India
Publication: www.expressindia.com
Date: November 28, 2001
URL: http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=4963

Washington, November 27: Indian Ambassador to the US, Lalit Mansingh, has said that while Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf are expected to meet on the sidelines at SAARC next January, a "dialogue" will require Islamabad to give up cross-border terrorism.

"We have made it clear to Pakistan that it must make a choice between terrorism and dialogue," said Mansingh, who was speaking at the School of Advanced International Studies of John Hopkins University.

"We hope that the right choice will be made," he added. Pointing out that a person carrying a gun is required to leave his weapon behind before entering a conference room, Mansingh said though a part of the international alliance against terrorism in the aftermath of September 11 terrorist attacks, Pakistan remained a sponsor of terrorism.

"You cannot be fighting terrorism in the front yard and be a sponsor of terrorism in the backyard," said Mansingh. "You cannot be a policeman by day and a thief at night."

He said that when US President George W. Bush in his speech used the words "global terrorism," India sought clarification and was assured that the reference includes local terrorism also.

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