Hindu Vivek Kendra
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Double-faced Marxists

Double-faced Marxists

Author: Editorial
Publication: The Free Press Journal
Date: November 21, 2001

A propos the ongoing debate on the viability or otherwise of POTO, we fail to understand the reasoning behind CPI (M) leader Somnath Chatterjee's objection.

The Marxist leader in the Lok Sabha has shot off an angry letter to the Union Home Minister L. K. Advani protesting against the leakage of the minutes of the meeting of the Consultative Committee of MPs attached to the Home Ministry. Chatterjee was highly embarrassed when the Minister for Disinvestment Arun Shourie quoted from these minutes to disclose that the CPI (M) leader had asked for a stringent law to deal with the rising menace of terrorism. He does not deny what Shourie said; he, that is, Chatterjee, had said in the meeting of the Consultative Committee meeting of MPs attached to the Home Ministry.

But he takes umbrage at his remarks being disclosed openly.

In other words, Chatterjee fully backed the need for an anti-terror law like POTO in private but for purely partisan political reasons he was fully opposed to it in public. Hypocrisy is the only word that fits such a shameful conduct.

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