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BJP asks Govt. to pursue policy of 'hot pursuit'

BJP asks Govt. to pursue policy of 'hot pursuit'

Author: PTI
Publication: The Hindu
Date: November 3, 2001

Amritsar, Nov. 3. (PTI): A day after Prime Minister Vajpayee ruled out any Indian aggression against Pakistan, BJP today asked the Government to pursue the policy of `hot pursuit' "if the situation demands."

"India has rightly chosen for the present not to go in for hot pursuit as it has full confidence in itself to succeed by its present pro-active policy. But, if the situation demands, circumstances compel and national interest needs, nothing should come in the way of the country in going all out to eliminate terrorism from both inside and outside the country," the party said in a resolution on terrorism passed at its two-day national executive meeting which concluded here.

The BJP urged the Government to take suitable steps for early adoption of UN convention on terrorism which India and several other countries have proposed two years ago.

The party said India should be prepared to offer such assistance that can be rendered to the US and other members of the coalition for action against terrorism.

It urged international community to treat Pakistan's offer of combating terrorism "with utmost caution, if not scepticism, given Islamabad's record of involvement in terrorist activities."

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