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Islamic Terrorism springs from Quranic Jehad

Islamic Terrorism springs from Quranic Jehad

Author: Ibn Warraq
Publication: Hindu Vision

Introduction: IBN Warraq is the pen-name of a Pakistani Muslim who was born in India and lives in France. He has disowned Islam and written a book titled "Why I am not a Muslim".

Given the stupefying enormity of the acts of barbarism of September 11, moral outrage is appropriate and justified, as are demands for punishment and reprisals. But what is not justified or permissible in a civilised society is acts of vengeance by lynch mobs who blindly attack all those whom they perceive as "Muslims" or Arabs. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all Muslims are implicated in the horrendous events of Tuesday.

Ignorant Pretence

However, to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with the WTC atrocity is to willfully ignore the obvious. In fact, without Islam the long-term strategy and individual acts of violence by Osama bin Laden and his followers make little sense.

We are, after all, confronted with Islamic terrorists, and must take seriously the Islamic component, which drives these God-intoxicated fanatics to blindly throw away their lives in return for the Paradise of Seventy Two Virgins offered to Muslim martyrs killed in the Holy War against all infidels. Jehad is "a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad (the Prophet). It is an incumbent religious duty, established in the Qur'an and in the Traditions as a divine institution, and enjoined specially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims."

Killing for Allah

The world is divided into two spheres, Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb. The latter, the Land of Warfare, is a country belonging to infidels which has not been subdued by Islam. The Dar-ul-Harb becomes the Dar-ul-Islam, the Land of Islam, upon the promulgation of the edicts of Islam. Thus the totalitarian nature of Islam is nowhere more apparent than in the concept of jehad, the Holy War, whose ultimate aim is to conquer the entire world and submit it to the one true faith, to the law of Allah. To Islam alone has been granted the truth: there is no possibility of salvation outside it. Muslims must fight, and kill in the name of Allah.

We read sura IX, verses 5-6: "Kill those who join other gods with God wherever you may find them".

Those who die fighting for the only true religion, Islam, will be amply rewarded in the life to come, IV, 74: 'Whoever fights on God's path, whether he is killed or triumphs, We will give him a handsome reward".

Here are some more verses:

Kill Idolaters

(A)Torment to Non-believers-IV, 56; Only Islam Acceptable, III, 85; No friends from outsiders, III, 118; No friends with non-believers, IV, 144, III, 28; No friends with parents/ siblings if not believers, IX, 23; Kill non-believers, IV, 89; Killing Idolaters, IX, 5; Idolaters are unclean just because they are idolaters, IX, 28; Forcing non-believers to pay tax, IX, 29; The Torment of Hell, XLIV, 43-58; Smite the neck and cut fingertips of unbelievers, VIII, 12; Smite the neck of unbelievers, XLVII, 4.

(B) Severe Punishment for non-believers, XXII, 19-22; LXXII, 23, XCVIII, 6.

(C) Punishing non-believers of Hereafter, XVII, 10; Punishing for rejecting faith, III, 91; Non-believers go to hell, IV, 140, VII, 36; Sadistic punishment, LVI, 42-43.

God who Deceives

(D) God making someone more sinful so he can be punished more. III, 178.

(E)Intentionally preventing unbelievers from knowing the truth, VI. 25; VI, 110; Intentionally preventing unbelievers from understanding Quran, XVII, 45-46; God could guide, if he chose to, but did not, VI, 35; Intentionally misguiding those whom he pleases to, XIV, 4; God causes human to err, IV, 143; VII, 178; God deceiving human, IV, 142.

"Ah, but you are confusing Islam with Islamic fundamentalism. The real Islam has nothing to do with violence," apologists of Islam argue. There are moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate. There is no difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism, at most there is a difference of degree, but not of kind. All the tenets of Islamic fundamentalism are derived from the Quran, the Sunna, the Hadith.

"Ah, but Islamic fundamentalism is like any other kind of fundamentalism, one must not demonise it. It is the result of political, social grievances. It must be explained in terms of economics and not religion," continue the apologists of Islam.

Global Islamic Agenda

There is an enormous difference between Islamic fundamentalism and any other kind of fundamentalism. It is indeed true that Hindu, Jewish, and Christian fundamentalists have been responsible for acts of violence, but these have been confined to particular countries and regions. Only Islamic fundamentalism has universal aspirations, has a global agenda, that is the submission of the entire world to the all-embracing Sharia, Islamic Law, which is a fascist system of dictates designed to control every single act of all individuals. Under Islam any means are justified to achieve the ends of establishing an Islamic world community.

Islamic fundamentalists recruit among Muslim populations, they appeal to Islamic religious symbols, and they motivate their recruits with Islamic doctrine derived from the Koran. Economic poverty alone cannot explain the phenomenon of Islamism. Poverty in Brazil or Mexico City has not resulted in Christian fundamentalist acts of international terror.

Islam or 'Jahiliyya'

For Islamists the choice is clear: Islam or jahiliyya. The latter term is redefined to mean modern-style jahiliyya of modern industrialised societies, where man is under the dominion of man rather than Allah. So, no, it is not just a question of economics, it is a question of an entirely different worldview, which they wish to impose on the whole world. Sayyid Qutb, the very influential Egyptian Muslim thinker, said: "Dominion should be reverted to Allah alone, namely to Islam, that holistic system He conferred upon men. An all-out offensive, a jihad, should be waged against modernity so that this moral rearmament could take place. The ultimate objective is to re-establish the Kingdom of Allah upon earth..."

It is a remarkable fact that at the time of the Gulf War most Muslims living in the West supported Saddam Hussein. In the aftermath of the WTC terror, it is now clear from many reports from the media that most Muslims, even those living in the West, see these acts of barbarism as acts of heroism, they give their unequivocal support to their chosen hero, Osama bin Laden.

The fact that so many Muslims in the West see terrorists such as Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden as heroes means there has been a total failure of assimilation and integration. Indeed assimilation and integration are no longer in vogue. Multiculturalism has been the fashion since the 1960s. The notion that one could produce a good little American out of raw immigrants is now condemned as chauvinism, racism, cultural imperialism, or cultural genocide.

Fundamental Misconception

But Multiculturalism is based on some fundamental misconceptions. First, there is the erroneous and sentimental belief that all cultures, deep down, have the same values; or if these values are different, they are all equally worthy of respect. Multiculturalism, being the child of relativism, is incapable of criticising cultures, of making cross-cultural judgements. The truth is that not all cultures have the same values, and not all values are worthy of respect.

One hopes that in the days to come the US government will not act in such a way that more innocent lives are lost, albeit on the other side of the globe. One hopes that even now there is a legal way out in International Courts of Law. The situation is far more delicate and complex than a simple battle between good and evil. The solution is not to beat the hell out of all Arabs and Muslims, but nor is it to pretend that Islam had nothing to do with it. For that would be to bury one's head in the Sands of Arabia.

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