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Lend a helping hand to Bangladeshi Hindus - Mohan Bhagwat

Lend a helping hand to Bangladeshi Hindus - Mohan Bhagwat

Publication: Organiser
Date: November 25, 2001

An endless flow of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh into Bharat seeking shelter and security has once again put the Hindu society in a cruel dilemma. Branded as the pro-Awami League voters in the recent elections, the Hindu minority was chosen as the target by the Muslim murderous mobs backed by their own political masters. Hunted and hounded out from their hearth and homes, the helpless Hindus are fleeing to Bharat in order to save their life, honour and property. Both the people and the state of Bangladesh have often revealed their ugly fangs and their religious intolerance knows no bounds.

Ever since the gory Partition in 1947 and the subsequent liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, the Hindu has always been at the receiving end. Living constantly under the shadow of insecurity, the Hindus is left with no place to seek shelter except Bharat. Loss of land, gang-rape of women not excluding teenaged girls, demands of protection-money have become common occurrences in Bangladesh. The inability of the Government of West Bengal and the helplessness of the Central Government to prevent the exodus, to make Bangladesh cry a halt to the Hindu persecution and to provide succor and relief is inexplicable and causing great offence to national sentiments.

Besides, the Left Government in West Bengal does not allow them to come to their State. The so-called trespassers are arrested and put in jail. Sometimes, while crossing into safety they become targets of BSF guns. It is astonishing that the votaries of secularism have remained silent. A section of the media, both private and government controlled, play down the gravity of the situation.

It is nothing less than sheer ingratitude and thanklessness on the part of the Government of Bangladesh to treat the Hindus the way they do. The role of the Bharatiya people and the Bharatiya army in the liberation of Bangladesh from the clutches of Pakistan was decisive. And in view of this recent history, the conduct of Bangladesh Government needs to be condemned.

The RSS thinks enough is enough. It calls upon the people of this country to come forward with generous contributions to lend a helping hand towards their rehabilitation. It urges the people to express their deeply felt hurt with a view to bringing it to the notice of the representatives of the Bangladesh Government. Besides, the authorities of the State and the Central Government must be held accountable for the tragedy that has befallen on our people.

It is not recommended that the refugees coming form Bangladesh be settled in Bharat permanently they should go back to Bangladesh at the earliest but only with a full guarantee to their life, honour and property.

The people of this country cannot be insensitive to the needs of the refugees that are pouring into our country. Public demonstrations of solidarity with the Hindu refugees from Bangladesh may be organised between December 1 and December 8, 2001 and liberal donations may kindly be sent to the following address:

Bastuhara Sahayata Samiti
27/1-B, Bidhan Sarni
Kolkata- 700 006

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