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Bombing shouldn't stop for Ramadan

Bombing shouldn't stop for Ramadan

Author: Staff Editorial
Publication: The Collegiate Times
Date: November 1, 2001

Blacksburg, Va., Nov 1, 2001 - Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States has launched a campaign to fight terrorist activity. America's fight has never been about Christianity versus Islam, or religion for the United States.

This war has always been about terrorism and the effect it is having, and has had, on the American people.

So why, if our war is not against Muslims, should we stop the bombing of Afghanistan to respect the holy month of Ramadan? Ramadan begins Nov. 17 this year and will be observed for the entire month, in accordance with the Koran.

Ramadan is a holy month that involves fasting from dusk until dawn and abstaining from immoral behavior and anger.

In the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims, fasting is prescribed by Allah, the God Almighty, to his people, in an attempt to make them God-conscious and help them acquire self-control while heightening their sense of social responsibility.

Ramadan also allows Muslims to improve their health by reducing the impurities in their body and focusing on the plight of the sick and poor people of the world.

A debate has been going on in Capitol Hill concerning whether the United States should halt their bombing of terrorists in Afghanistan during Ramadan in respect of the Muslim people of the country.

However, if the United States were to stop bombing Afghanistan in observance of Ramadan, the war would then become about religion, contradictory to everything the United States has said thus far.

This war, as President Bush has said in the past, is not a war against the Muslim people of Afghanistan. This is a war on the terrorists who cower in the treacherous terrain of their country.

The Northern Alliance, an Afghan military group aiding the United States has even spoken out against ending the bombing for Ramadan.

"The Taliban has always violated Ramadan. This is a month for fasting, not a month where you stop combating terrorism ... we certainly plan to engage (the Taliban) during the month of Ramadan," said Haron Amin, a spokesperson for the Northern Alliance (CNN.com, October 31, 2001).

Certain Muslim and Arab groups have been putting pressure on the government to stop the bombing, but officials said Tuesday that President Bush's national security team wants to continue the war during Ramadan.

This would keep with the purpose of the war -- to fight terrorism.

Continuing the bombing is not in any way an attempt to disrespect the religion of the Afghan people, it is a continuation of the war that is currently going on.

The war on terrorism cannot be put on hold for a month, it must continue until the Taliban and Osama bin Laden have been brought to justice.

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