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Kerala CM brands RSS as terrorist organization

Kerala CM brands RSS as terrorist organization

Author: Pradeep Kumar
Publication: Hindu Voice
Date: September 2002

The CPM, led Left Democratic Alliance (LDF) and the Congress United Democratic Alliance (UDF) of Kerala has only one common enemy the RSS. Whenever they come to power they try to put, all restrictions and impediments to arrest the growth of RSS and its affiliates in the State. In order to appease the Muslim and Christian vote banks, on whose shoulders the UDF came to power, the Chief Minister A.K.Antony recently branded RSS, VHP, Hindu Aiyka Vedi (Hindu Unity Front), Bajrang Dal, and Shivsena as terrorist organizations operating in the State in the State Assembly.

Surprisingly, the Chief Minister dared not to utter a word against the rabidly communal fundamentalist Muslim organization, Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) and Muslim league, a partner in the ruling coalition. It may be recalled that during the State assembly elections the UDF had reached a tacit understanding with PDP not to disturb its activities, if voted back to power. Several senior Congress leaders visited PDP chairman, Abdul Nazer Mahdani at the Coimbatore prison (Tamil Nadu) where he is detained under TADA for the Coimbatore bomb blasts which was a plot to murder L. K.Advani.

Reacting sharply to the Chief Minister's charge, noted scholar and RSS ideologue, P. Parameswaran challenged Antony to produce evidence of terrorist activities undertaken by RSS. "If making the Hindu conscious of their timeless culture and religion and urging him to unite is terrorism, then RSS is proud to be called as terrorists", he added The VHP, HUF and Shiv Sena, said that they were working within the frame work of Indian constitution and their branding as terrorists is to exonerate the Islamic and Christian fundamentalists operating in the State. They demanded an apology from the CM for describing these organizations as terrorists.

Several cultural leaders in the State have condemned the inclusion of RSS and other Hindu organizations in the list of terrorists. A memorandum signed by 20-eminent citizens of the State seeking to omit. Hindu organizations from the list was submitted to the CM.

In the 'Nadapuram explosions that rocked the State, masterminded by the National Democratic Front (NDF), a Muslim terrorist organization, several NDF workers were arrested for making country bombs, pipe bombs, and steel bombs. But no concrete action was taken against the culprits fearing Muslim backlash.

Recently on June 6th a powerful explosion rocked Payanthong (Kozhikode, district) in the house of IUML worker Moythu. Even though the investigating Dy. SP found that the explosion took place while making bombs, the culprits were not arrested. In another incident in the Jamat Mosque at Valayaam (Kozhikode district) the police confiscated large quantities of arms and ammunition. There was 29 swords, 7 axes, 30 bombs, 37 catridges, 21 Kg of explosives, 94 country bombs and large quantity of Sulphur, Phosporous. The police team headed by the then Kozhikode rural SP, Rajesh Purohit found out that there was a pre-planned strategy with the consent of the mosque committee to create trouble against Hindus.

From the Jamaat Mosque at Kuttiyadi (Kozhikode) also police could recover explosives and arms. Intelligence sources who wants to be anonymous, are of the view that places of worship in different parts of the State, particularly in the Northern districts are being used by fundamentalists organizations to torment trouble.

The growth of NDF in the Muslim dominated areas is noteworthy. As Antony rides on the shoulders of Muslim-Christian lobby, the state government is not taking any serious action against the fundamentalists. The hands of the Police are tied and recently 9 criminal cases at Malappuram and 62 cases at Kozhikode against NDF were withdrawn at the instance of IUML. In addition mo re than 400 Muslim fundamentalists booked under several different cases are yet to be arrested! Indications are that large-scale arms, money, ammunition are flowing to the hands of Muslim fundamentalists of the State without any check. While power hungry politicians turn a blind eye to these bare facts, fundamentalists are thriving and expanding their operations.

The Chief Minister A.K.Antony has become a prisoner of Muslim-Christian lobby which is evident from the fact that he named RSS and other Hindu organizations as 'terrorists' without even a single proof of any terrorist activity conducted by them. The Chief Minister was simply repeating the Congress culture of succumbing to Christian-Muslim fundamentalists.

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