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Musharraf desperate

Musharraf desperate

Author: Editorial
Publication: The Free Press Journal
Date: September 17, 2002
URL: http://www.samachar.com/features/170902-editorial.html

The arrest of some of the wanted men in connection with September 11 attack on the US from a hide-out in Karachi once again proves that Pakistan is the centre of international terrorism. That the US agen-cies too took part in the shoot-out in Karachi shows that the Bush administration does not place total trust in Musharraf's words in these matters. If Musharraf thinks that the US would still believe that cross- border terror-ism in Kashmir has been ended, he is naive and desper-ate. His desperate revelation that no Pak ruler can survive if he does the right thing of leaving Kashmir is what forces a frightened Musharraf to mount all these terror attacks on the peace-loving people of Kashmir and India. He has congratulated his Hurriyat minions who were forced to boycott the elections after resorting to menac- ing postures. Now, Musharraf has let loose hundreds of hired thugs to disrupt the election with threats, explo-sions, murder, rape, loot and abduction.

The election scene in the districts of Baramula, Kupwara and others from where 23 constituencies go to polls today (Monday) is totally frightening. Pamphlets have been distributed on Sunday night warning the peo-ple that they come out to vote at the risk of their life.

Before booths opened, explosions and murders have scared the people of these areas which are some of the worst terrorist dens. Musharraf has to concede failure, if people come out to vote in spite of ISI's resort to mur-derous violence. It is significant that diplomats of 28 nations would get a chance to observe the activities of Musharraf's ISI and his mercenary killers, disrupting the poll in an Indian state. The objective is Musharraf's sur-vival as the self-appointed president of Pakistan.

Musharraf is clever by half when he congratulated his police for nabbing Ramzi Binalshibb who is considered the 20th hijacker and close aide of the leader Mohammed Atta who led the team of hijackers which attacked the World Trade Centre. International Intelligence agencies believe that Ramzi Binalshibb and ten other Al Qaida members have been living in Karachi from August last year, when Ramzi's fourth attempt at obtaining a US visa failed. By the time German intelli- gence got on his trail, he fled to Spain from where he found the safe hide-out in Karachi. It is impossible that Pak ISI has not been privy to the presence and activities of this terrorist group in mounting attacks in Kashmir. Musharraf's pretension of ignorance about this large group of Al Qaida terrorists in Karachi is as valid as when he stated without batting an eyelid that Dawood Ibrahim and 19 other Indian terrorists are not in Pakistan.

In no time have the relations between India and Pakistan been at a lower pitch than today. Vajpayee has exposed the distortions and dissimulations of Musharraf. The elections in Kashmir where a number of proxy can-didates (on behalf of People's Conference) contest, would show who the real representatives of the people are; Musharraf has lost a big chance in not letting the Hurriyat contest. Kashmir is fed up with violence. With Musharraf too. Let the foreign diplomats see.

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