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On changes in programme (email)

On changes in programme (email)

Author: Arun J. Mehta <amehta@socal.rr.com>
Date: September 17, 2002

Friends: Following message is from "IndiaCause.com"

Since our first letter to PBS Wide Angle' have made substantial corrections to "Soul of India" web site.

1. "Hindu fundamentalist" was replaced by "Hindu nationalists" all over the  page.

2.  Statement "Over the last three months, some 2,000 Muslims have been  killed" Was changed to  "Over the last three months, at least 850 Muslims have  been killed"

3.  Most objectionable and mischievous statement was removed completely  "Meanwhile extremist Hindu private schools are spreading rapidly across India"

4. Statement "Will the nation be split -- by a Hindu fundamentalist movement  hoping to rise to power by fanning the winds of religious extremism?" Was  changed to "Will the nation be split by an increasingly powerful Hindu  nationalist movement?"

Wide Angle' episode is the best example of how this "BIASED WESTERN MEDIA"  goes on with its mischievous reporting about Hindus and Indians without a  shred of evidence.

IndiaCause members have done a great job in letting PBS know that Indians can  not be taken for Ride so easily.

If Mr. Stephen Segaller is serious about his assurances, PBS/'Wide Angle' will  have to amend the documentary to reflect above changes before they air it on  Thursday.

In his reply, Executive Producer, Stephen Segaller assures us the following:

"I understand your concern that our program should not tell only one side of  the story of recent inter-communal and inter-religious conflict and violence  in Gujarat. Be assured that I share that objective.

In this film, we will be reporting mainly on recent events in Godhra and  Ahmedabad, and placing them in a full context. We have no intention of  producing a program prejudicial to Hindus or Muslims.

I can assure you that we take the reputation of Thirteen and PBS for fair  reporting very seriously. In order to maintain it, we commission our programs  from producers and directors of the highest quality, ensure that they tell  their stories fairly, and put them through a rigorous process of  fact-checking.

I hope that you will watch the program with an open mind and let me know your  thoughts after you have seen it."  (The complete letter is available on our home page www.IndiaCause.com)
To logically conclude this campaign:

Please DO watch the program on 19th at:
and DO send your feedback
for Mr Stephen Segaller at following addresses:

segaller@thirteen.org, viewer@pbs.org,

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