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It pays to be politically correct, it is profitable to be a secularist

It pays to be politically correct, it is profitable to be a secularist

Author: Radha Rajan
Publication: Vigil Online
URL: http://www.vigilonline.com/news/plain_speak/guj_resp.htm

The Hindu editorial dated September 26, 2002, the news item titled 'NHRC calls for communal harmony' in The Hindu on page 13 on the same day, the article in the editorial page of The New Indian Express by Saeed Naqvi titled 'A Time To Choose' and lastly Shri Habibullah Badsha's 'Attack on human values' on page 12 of The Hindu dated September 27, all dealing with the massacre of Hindu bhakthas in the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, are good examples of the reaction and underlying attitude of the intellectuals and the English media in the last ten or twelve years whenever Hindus and Hindu society have been victims of Islamic and Christian terrorism and fundamentalism. This trend of ignoring at best and at worst, justifying and rationalising the religious persecution and massacre of Hindus was begun in earnest after 6th December 1992, and gathered momentum after Star News opened shop in India.

The Hindu men, women and children in Godhra were burnt alive because they were all returning from karseva in Ayodhya and were raising 'provocative slogans', was the justification presented to the Hindu community for the Godhra massacre of Hindus; and the country's intellectuals and the media soon ignored the Godhra massacre and focussed exclusively and in isolation on the Gujarat riots that followed.

The Mumbai serial blasts of 1993 was to avenge the bringing down of the Babri mosque and so the media ignored the Mumbai blasts and the horrendous toll it took of lives and property and instead focussed exclusively and in isolation, on the Mumbai riots; so was the bomb blast in the RSS office in Chennai in August 1993 which killed eleven swayamsevaks and destroyed the RSS office completely and which, insinuated some foolish sections of the political and intellectual class, was set of by the RSS itself just to malign the Muslims of this country; so were the Coimbatore blasts in February 1998 - all acts of revenge, taking their toll of Hindu lives, to 'assuage the hurt Muslim psyche' which could not bear the destruction of the Babri mosque. Forget the fact that the mosque was standing on a site that wounded the Hindu psyche for more than 500 years!

Now let me take up Saeed Naqvi's center-page article and the Hindu editorial for comment. And for the theme of revenge let me cite this extremely clever and nasty piece of writing by Saeed Naqvi. This man, along with Shekhar Gupta is an inveterate names dropper in all his writings, and cannot resist, like Shekhar Gupta, the patronising attitude whenever he talks about the BJP or its highest leadership. This suave, globe-trotting, names-dropping pen pusher is nevertheless a hardline Muslim, so please don't be taken in by his pseudo-liberal, global outlook. Read his articles carefully and understand every nuance and shade to realise the nastiness of the tone and tenor of his loud thinking when he talks of Hindus and their attempts to assert themselves in the political space. And also please take note of the difference in tone and tenor when he talks of the politics of Gujarat and the politics of Kashmir. For one, he doesn't even bother to call the state 'Jammu and Kashmir'. Now coming back to the massacre of the Hindus in the Swaminarayan temple in Gujarat, he says:

" Of course, many people, particularly in the diplomatic community (subtle names-dropping, please note), smirked when Advani named Pakistan as the perpetrator of the violence. However implausible, this was the only course open to him. The alternative, of playing up the two terrorists on the basis of the Urdu notes found on their person as belonging to "a movement for revenge", may well have sparked another round of violence in the state and possibly beyond.

Vajpayee's condemnation of this 'cycle of violence and counter- violence' is the closest anyone in authority has come to hinting that the siege of the temple was 'counter-violence' in retaliation for what happened in Gujarat since February 27".

Now let us take this bit of garbage apart, piece by piece, to see what Saeed Naqvi actually means. He is saying that Advani, the Union Home Minister lied when he blamed Pakistan for the attack because he had no choice. It has to be Pakistan or Advani has to take the Urdu note seriously and accept that the two terrorists were Indian Muslims avenging the Gujarat riots. Now Saeed Naqvi doesn't just say it, he adds flavour to his nonsense by adding that the diplomatic community is actually laughing at Advani. Really? Which 'community, which diplomat? Naqvi dare not say that. He is merely sticking on a patently false beard and is disguising his contempt (poorly, I might say) for Advani as that of the international community.

 He also terms Pakistan's role in the attack as 'implausible'; which means Saeed Naqvi is actually telling the Hindus that the alternative explanation is the truth - that the attack against them is a retaliation for the Gujarat riots. Only, like Shekhar Gupta, he too does not have the courage to say what he means explicitly. Shekhar Gupta had to go to Pakistan to say what he really thought, and Saeed Naqvi is wearing the fig-leaf of the Prime Minsiter's words. Strange, because I think the Prime Minister is saying exactly the opposite of what Saeed Naqvi says he is saying. The Prime Minister, I would have thought, was appealing to the Hindus of Gujarat not to react as they did to the massacre of Hindus in Godhra; which means the Gujarat riots and the riots which could have erupted now, was the counter- violence which Hindus have now begun to express in the face of the violence which sections of the Muslim community and the Christian missionaries undertake incessantly against the Hindus of India as an expression of their religious duty.

The rest of the article is high-falutin pretentious garbage where Saeed Naqvi offers gratuitous advise to Advani and the BJP to modify their attitudes and priorities; in the process, he also shows the Hindus of Gujarat, Narendra Modi and the politics of Gujarat their rightful place in his scheme of things, in his elevated vision of a gently metamorphosing Hindu India into a soft Islamic State, with Saeed Naqvi as the benign bearded God overseeing the metamorphosis, and the elections in 'Kashmir' as an important but small off-shoot in the whole process.

In all this verbosity, there is not a word about the Gujarat riots being the reaction of the long-suffering and enraged Hindu community to the massacre of its women and children in Godhra. By choosing to willfully ignore the compulsive addiction to 'jehad' by a section of the Muslims, who like compulsive alcoholics, always look for new reasons everyday to do what they are doing, Naqvi is not serving the cause he claims he is serving. He and the rest of the English print and electronic media is only emboldening the jehadis with their dishonesty and their specious, intellectual arguments.

The same willful blindness to what happened in Gandhinagar in the temple is evident from the editorial of The Hindu dated September 26.

"After all, the challenge from such subversive elements is to civil society - and all the liberal values that it cherishes as for instance participative democracy, pluralism and rule of law - and not to any particular segment of it. Any response that fails to recognise this fundamental proposition will betray a total lack of maturity and, what is more, result in playing into the hands of the saboteurs themselves".

Now let us sort out this bit of garbage and see why it stinks. It stinks because while The Hindu never let up on Hindu fascists on the rampage in an orgy of communal carnage and anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat, and went out of its way to splash pictures of Muslim women and children looking pathetically at the world outside from behind some bars, there is not a word here in this editorial of Hindus having been shot dead, men, women and children, while they were offering worship in a temple; not a word about a Hindu temple having been desecrated, not a word about Muslim terrorists on yet another Jehadi trip seeking Islamic salvation through martyrdom or indulging in their daily dose of Hindu massacre as the shot in their wrist to lift them to some psychedelic heights of drugged stupor.

What is the editor saying? Not Islamic or Muslim terrorists mind you, but 'subversive elements'. And it is not a terrorist attack against a chosen target, the Hindu kafirs, but 'a challenge to civil society'. Bullshit, tripe and balderdash. And again, this act of perversion, this massacre of innocents, these persistent and relentless acts of terrorism are neatly hidden from the reader's eyes with a deft sleight of hand. This is a challenge to 'participatory democracy, pluralism and rule of law'. How come the Gujarat riots which was an intense and focussed expression of Hindu anger, was never described by The Hindu as 'a challenge to civil society and the liberal values it cherishes of participatory democracy' and all that crap?

And just so the Hindus of Gujarat don't get all mixed up and think it was an attack against their women and children by Muslim terrorists, the editorial tells us that failure to perceive this as a challenge to civil society as a whole "and not to any segment of it" 'will betray a total lack of maturity and, what is more, result in playing into the hands of the saboteurs". Indeed! And what does 'playing into their hands' mean exactly? That they want the Hindus to react strongly and ferociously? But why? It is martyrdom idiot. Not content with seeking martyrdom for themselves, these terrorists want all Muslim victims of Hindu anger also to profit from collateral martyrdom, no matter how unwilling these Muslims may be to attain martyrdom in this manner.

When will the Mailini Parthasarathy s, the Shekhar Gupta s, the Saeed Naqvi s and the Shabana Azmi s ever learn? When will Communalism Combat, Sahmat, and Nirmala Deshpande, Kuldip Nayar, and Admiral Ramdas and Ram Puniyani ever learn? Communal harmony cannot be ensured or attained by the Constitution, the Judiciary, by Church-backed or Marxist NGOs throwing hysterical tantrums, by the hubris of the English media or by the ubiquitous 'international community', whatever that means. It can be ensured and attained only when the Hindus of this country do not perceive the Muslims and Christians to be threats to their security - physical, cultural and religious. Communal harmony can be disturbed by a handful of Muslim terrorists or determined Christian missionaries, but communal harmony can be ensured only when the Hindus of this country feel secure.

The NHRC, the Minorities Commission, as long as they take a skewered view of human rights and refugees and religious persecution, as long as they have different yard sticks for Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, will become more and more irrelevant  India was a Garden of Eden or an Islamic Paradise, if you will, as long as the Hindus remained helpless and never reacted to any outrage whether it was seeing the Nandi in Varanasi obscenely facing the mosque instead of the temple, or helplessly witnessing the continuing genocide of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir, impotently watching the pope amble into India on Deepavali day and declare that he intends to plant the Church in Asia and harvest the souls of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, as long as the Hindus remained silent and allowed Islam and Christianity to have their way in India, then India was the symbol of Buddha and Gandhi - the apostles of peace and non-violence. But when Hindus began to say enough was enough and brought the mosque down from the holiest of their holy cities, when they reacted to the Mumbai serial blasts, when they reacted to Godhra, lo and behold, India is a smoldering cauldron of communalism and religious extremism and these assertive Hindus, inheritors of the mantle of the Buddha and Gandhi, were now Hitler's faithful.

Such simplistic name-calling will not resolve the problem. These busybodies must understand that there is a majority community in India, it is their only land, and Islam and Christianity must modify their beliefs and practices accordingly. Religious conversion, and Jehad cannot take advantage of the Indian Constitution to thrive and rule unchallenged by Hindus and legitimised by the media and the NGOs of all hues.

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