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Informal Press Meet of Shri M.G. Vaidya, RSS Spokesman

Informal Press Meet of Shri M.G. Vaidya, RSS Spokesman

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New Delhi, September 6, 2002.

"It is well known that after the passage of the Resolution demanding separate Statehood for Jammu region and Union Territory status for Ladakh by the RSS, an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm has been generated in both regions. It has resulted in the formation of the Jammu State Morcha in Jammu and Ladakh Union Territory Front in Ladakh, said Shri M.G. Vaidya, the RSS Spokesman. He was addressing his regular periodical press-meet. He further said that Ladakh Union Territory Front called for a special mention due to the fact that, thanks to the efforts of the Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA), the local units of all the three major political parties, viz Congress, BJP and National Conference, had decided to disband their respective units and merge in the Front. This resulted in unanimous election of two candidates to the J&K Assembly from that region while there would be a nominal contest for the remaining two seats in the Front.

In Jammu region, the Jammu State Morcha (JSM) is going ahead in full steam and will contest the Assembly elections in the region in a big way. Talks are underway between the Morcha and the BJP to reach some understanding over some seats.

In line with our Resolution, we expect that our Swayamsevaks and sympathisers will extend their whole-hearted support to the efforts of the JSM and all those sections who are in support of the central theme of the said Resolution. It is not out of place here to mention that efforts were made to create a united front in Jammu also on the lines of the one formed in Ladakh. These efforts have met with some success as several political and social groups in the Jammu region, have come forward to join hands with the Morcha in the run up for the forth coming elections. Shri Vaidya further said, "It gives us immense pleasure to notice that in the Kashmir Valley also several political outfits owing their allegiance to India are going to take part in the election fray for the first time. In line with the exhortations in the Kurukshetra Resolution, we call upon all the nationalist forces and individuals in the Valley to lend their support to the candidates fielded by the above-mentioned parties thereby registering a resounding rebuttal to secessionist slogans like Autonomy, Azadi etc."

During the interaction with the correspondents Shri Vaidya spoke on various other subjects also. Gists of his views are given below :-

About Gujarat : It appears that the Gujarat Assembly elections will be held sometime in November-December 2002. It is our considered opinion that there election ought to have been conducted along with J&K-Assembly elections. Now that the matter is with the apex court there is no point in debating over the issue. But we have no doubt that inspite of Congress hullabaloo under Shankar Singh Vaghela the BJP will win whenever the elections are held there. When a correspondent asked Shri Vaidya whether he, in one of his article, has appreciated the Gujarat Congress President Shanker Singh Vaghela, Shri Vaidya replied that those who derive such a conclusion from his article had not read it properly. Their endeavour to derive such a conclusion is like searching a non-existant black cat in a dark room. "If Shankar Singh Vaghela feels that he is a Swayamsevak of RSS he should declare it open heartedly. His circus type of exercise to tempt Hindu voters will bear no fruits. Whenever the elections take place, BJP will win under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi", Shri Vaidya said.

About Ashok Singhal : I was not present at Amritsar and, therefore, I do not know the context in which the alleged statement is reported to have been made. According to us if Godhra does not happen, Gujarat will not happen. The Jehadi groups that are active in our country indulge in atrocious killings, it may invite a Gujarat type re-action that may be the purport of Shri Singhal's statement. It is better if the press gets clarification directly from him. I must say that whenever there is any thing related to Hindu organisations our socalled secular press is inclined to put in tendentious reports.

About disinvestment : We are not against disinvestments in principle, because we don't approve of a socialist model of economy in which there is Governmentisation of all means of production and distribution. But we also think that there is a role for the Government also. Taking note of the disinvestments policy and its implementation of the present Government, a few questions come to our mind.

I    should those industries which are running in profit be privatised and the Govt. revenue be  transferred to the private agencies?

II Can we ensure that by obtaining 25 to 26% shares the private company will not be able to control the whole industry? It is our experience that big financial houses with just 20% shares are in the full control of industry.

III In fixing the Reserve Price will it not be advantageous to take in to account the market price of the enterprise instead of only the share-capital?

IV Are we careful not to create new monopolies by transfering the ownership rights to the highest bidder?

V Are the interests of the employees, at present employed in the PSUs protected adequately?

(Dr. Balram Misra)

IVSK Pramukh

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