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CPM-SFI conspiracy to tarnish SNDP

CPM-SFI conspiracy to tarnish SNDP

Author: S. Chandrasekhar
Publication: Organiser
Date: July 28, 2002

Introduction: Article glorifying Osama in college magazine

The Communists have always sided with forces detrimental to India. When the youth of India rallied around Subhash Chandra Bose, they called him a Boot-licker of the Japanese. Similarly, when the whole Nation reverberated with the slogan of 'Quit India', they acted as spies of the British. Following the same line, the Kerala CPM has always helped and promoted Islamic fundamentalism. It was Comrade E.M.S. who gave them a Muslim-majority district of Malappuram, which is now the hot-bed of ISI activity. Similarly extremist organisations like ISS, PDP and NDF have thrived under CPM rule. Support rallies for Saddam Hussain and Osama bin Laden taken out by Islamic extremists have received overt and covert support of CPM. The CPM leaders and left intellectuals have joined signature campaigns for release of Abdul Nasser Madhani from Coimbatore prison.

In this continuing trend, the SFI-controlled College Union of SNDP College at Konni in Pathanamthitta district, has brought out a college magazine, in which an article praising and glorifying Osama bin Laden has been published. Captioned "Now LET Osama Speak", it is an autoprofile in which Osama portrays himself as a crusader of the poor Muslims the world over. He says he has organised voluntary strike force to wage wars for the cause of Muslims who are struggling in Kashmir, Chechnya and Palestine. Osama asks whether it is a fault to extend training to Pakistan jehadis who demand Kashmir, which is part of their very self? Osama further says it is his God-ordained duty for extending arms- training to the Muslim brethren. Laden further justifies the New York attacks, the Pentagon attacks, the Palestine  suicide-bombings in Israel and the jehad on Indian security forces in Kashmir. He concludes that Islam will produce more Ladens and will control the whole world.

The ABVP and the Sree Narayana Youth Movement have organised wide protests against this anti-national article. As a result of this, the SNDP Yogam Management had suspended further issue of the magazine and had removed the Principal who is also the Chief Editor. But SFI leaders like Najeeb S. Kalleli have started forcibly issuing the magazine and have organised processions of SFI and DYFI activists to the SNDP Yogam office at Pathanamthitta calling for reinstatement of the removed principal.

The SNDP Yogam General Secretary Shri Vellapalli Natesan has alleged in a press conference that this anti-national article in the college magazine of an institution owned by the SNDP Yogam was a CPM and SFI conspiracy to tarnish it. He said the CPM and its front organisations were trying their level best to target SNDP Yogam by levelling false charges against it. He has called upon the State and Central Governments to probe this anti-National propaganda through a college magazine, since the girl student, in whose name the article was published, has denied writing the article. He also demanded a CBI probe since he suspects that a wider conspiracy is involved.

For the CPM which has been fighting a lost battle with the SNDP Yogam, this issue speaks of a clear strategy on its part. By dubbing the SNDP Yogam as anti-Hindu and anti-National, it can thwart the emerging SNDP-RSS co-operation.

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