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Radical Muslim meeting provokes concern in UK

Radical Muslim meeting provokes concern in UK

Author: News
Publication: The Free Press Journal
Date: September 13, 2002

The September 11 anniversary here has provoked concern in Britain following a meeting of Muslim extremists that they called "A Towering Day in History".

The meeting, reported held at a mosque in Finsbury Park in North London, was addressed by radical cleric Abu Hamza and the fundamentalist leader of the Al Muhajiroun group, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Hamza reportedly warned that the Sepetmber 11 atrocities could happen again.

"The message is simple.  Stay away and preserve your people."

He said, "We strongly condemn American foreign policy.  If America cont9inues demonising and persecuting Muslim countries, it can expect retaliation." His threats included Britain as well.  "(Prime Minister Tony) Blair is following (President George) Bush blindly like a puppet.  Every action has a reaction."

Hamza said, "America has used September 11 as an excuse to wage war against all its enemies in Arab Countries.  After Iraq it will be Syria.  It will never stop." But he said that a backlash against American across the Islamic world had been a "benefit" of the attacks. "It is uniting the Muslim world".

"As it gets difficult for organised groups to attacks, there will be individuals retaliating with attacks, for their families and loved ones," Hamza reportedly predicted.

Bakri Mohammed addressed the gathering at the mosque later to say: "Muslims in Afghanistan believe they have the right to retaliate.

"And we believe the Taliban have the right to defend themselves and the right to fight back, including Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida".  Bakri Mohammed claimed that a "positive outcome" of the September 11 attacks had been that they damaged the US economy.

He said: "I always regret the loss of innocent lives but I can understand why they wanted to do it."  Signs of opposition to the Muslim group were evident outside.

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