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Osama to US: Stop support to India

Osama to US: Stop support to India

Publication: The Asian Age
Date: November 25, 2002

Osama bin Laden has asked America to stop supporting India in Kashmir in a detailed new message reported to he circulated among British Muslim terrorists.

"You attacked us in Somalia, you supported the Russian atrocities against us in Chechnya, the Indian oppression against us in Kashmir, and the Jewish aggression against us in Lebanon. We advise you to stop supporting Israel, and to end your support of the Indians in Kashmir, the Russians against the Chechens," the message says.

The full translated text of the new message was published in the Observer here on Sunday.

The Al Qaeda leader has warned that if America does not follow this advice, it should be prepared for a fight with the "Islamic nation" as well as fresh attacks in New York and Washington.

"We advise you to pack your luggage and get out of our lands. We desire for your goodness, guidance, and righteousness, so do not force us to send back as cargo in coffins." The translated letter was originally posted in Arabic on a Saudi Arabian website previously used by the Al Qaeda to disseminate messages, the paper said. In the past fortnight, British Islamists have translated the letter, said to be the most comprehensive explanation of Bin Laden's ideology yet, and posted it on English-language websites run from the UK. The letter was sent to hundreds of subscribers to an email list run by Mohammed al-Massari, a UK-based Saudi Arabian dissident whose Committee for the Defence of Legit mate Rights is opposed to the Al-Saud regime, the report said.

Accusing America of being a hypocrite, the letter says: "All manners, principles and values have two scales: one for you and one for the others." "The freedom and democracy that you call to is for yourselves and for the white race only; as for the rest of the world, you impose upon them your monstrous) destructive policies and governments, which you call the 'American friends.' Yet, you prevent them from establishing democracies." The letter lists why the US is being targeted and what it needs to do in order to prevent fresh attacks. It warns "If the Americans refuse to listen to our advice and the goodness, guidance and righteousness that we call them to, then be aware that you will lose this crusade Bush began, just like the other previous crusades in which you were humiliated by the hands of the mujabideen, fleeing to your home in great silence and disgrace." The letter has been posted on a number of Islamist websites. One carried bomb-making information. Another offered a link to a site with information on chemical and biological weapons. Though there is no way to confirm the authenticity of the letter beyond all doubt, senior Arab journal ists in the West Asian media believe the letter is from Bin Laden.

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