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Democratic Church

Democratic Church

Author: M.G. Radhakrishnan
Publication: India Today
Date: December 23, 2002

Father Joseph Pallath's hunger strike to protest against his dismissal by the Jesuit society has inspired many others in Kerala to speak out against the wrongs of their congregation leaders. First came the bold statement of the Catholic Priests Conference of India's Kerala chapter that it would no longer remain silent if its members' rights are violated.

Then last week at a seminar on "Intolerance Inside Religions" in Alappuzha, many priests and nuns narrated bitter experiences for "acts of rebellion" like speaking against the church's pro-rich slant. "The vow of obedience is used to impose slavery on us," says Fr Mani Parambett. They appealed to the government and the judiciary not to remain passive. "They should intervene as they did in the Shah Bano case," says Sister Annie Punnuse. Like the judiciary did for Pallath.

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