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VHP reacts to tribunal's report

VHP reacts to tribunal's report

Publication: Herald, Panjim
Date: November 23, 2002

Introduction: Threatens to take 'legal action' against members

Reacting sharply to justice Krishna Iyer's Tribunal report indicting Gujarat caretaker chief minister Narendra Modi and others as responsible for post-Godhra riots, VHP today charged "Leftists and secularists" for "siding with radical Islamic movements like the Tableegh Jamaat to defame the Hindu community".

Addressing media-persons here, Praveen Togadia, international general secretary of VHP, said "Leftists and secularists forces are defaming the Hindu community at the international level by using the post-Godhra riots as a platform".

He asserted that "VHP will meet this challenge with all the might at its command".

Togadia described the Tribunal report, that indicted the Sangh Parivar for the post Godhra riots, as a "heinous attempt at protecting the role of the radical Islamists of Tableegh Jammat in the Godhra killings".

Togadia asked "how can one dwell on the Gujarat episode by protecting the role of the killers of Godhra, who constituted the cause of the riots".

He alleged that the report was also silent on the role of the mosque-cum-madrasas of Deoband-Tableegh Jamaat School, located near Godhra railway station from where the "Muslims came running towards the train".

"They (Muslims) shouted Allah O Akbar kafiro ko kaat dalo, ladkiya, utha lo aur S-6 coach ko aag lagado (in the name of Allah, chop the disbeliever, take away the women and set fire S-6 coach) on February 27 morning," the VHP leader said.

He said Godhra and post-Godhra were essentially manifestations of the Hindu-Muslim problem facing the country but the report, "while going on to unimaginable limits to defame the Hindu community, was silent on the activities of the radical Islamic movement like the Tableegh Jamaat whose ideology was responsible for growing incidents of Islamic fundamentalism in the country".

Togadia asserted the VHP had evidence to back its charge that a body called "Citizens for Justice and Peace, which had floated the "Concerned Citizens Tribunal" was being guided by Tableegh Jamaat which does not believe in the concept of nationhood but just pan-Islamism and sees the perpetrators of WTC attack and Osama bin Laden as Islamic heroes.

Naming some of the members of the tribunal as "anti-Hindu", Togadia said "it is these people who have put together the tribunal's report and so it was preconceived and looked like a pamphlet of the anti-Hindu forces".

Further, Togadia threatened to take "legal action" against those who prepared the concerned Citizens Tribunal Gujarat 2002 report, accusing them of conspiring with the Gujarat government and being responsible for the post-Godhra riots in the State. He said, "those behind the report", that includes several retired justices and senior advocates, would have to tender an "unconditional apology" or defamation charges might be slapped against them.

"This report is prepared with superficial information and with the backing of Jehadi-fundamentalists and pseudo-secularists and is intent to malign my image, our organisation and the sentiments of Hindus all over," Togadia said. "My lawyers will decide on what legal action to take in a day or two and we expect them to tender an apology by then", he added.

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