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'Pak defied UN, supplied arms to Bosnia'

'Pak defied UN, supplied arms to Bosnia'

Author: Press Trust of India
Publication: expressindia.com
Date: December 29, 2002
URL: http://expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=17985

In a starling revelation, a former ISI Chief has claimed in his petition that Pakistan defied the United Nations ban on supply of arms to the Bosnian Muslims and sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles were air lifted to them by ISI.

The petition, which was filed before the court against the country's largest newspaper group "Jung" by former ISI chief Lt Gen Javed Nasir, stated that the UN embargo was defied to help Bosnians fight the Serbs.

The petition, downloaded from the website of US-based Pakistani web weekly "South Asia Tribune", referred to his career, recounting his achievements and his credentials as a leading Islamic international figure and alleged that he had been defamed by a report in the English language newspaper "The News".

He said in his petition that despite the UN ban on supply of arms to the besieged Bosnians, he successfully air lifted sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles which turned the tide in favour of Bosnian Muslims and forced the Serbs to lift the siege, much to the annoyance of the US Government.

The documents go on to give details of how the US threatened Pakistan, then ruled by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, to be declared as a terrorist state, if Sharif did not remove him from the post of the ISI chief.

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