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Imam Bukhari: "Islamic countries have to acquire nuclear weapons"

Imam Bukhari: "Islamic countries have to acquire nuclear weapons"

Publication: Israel Defense Forces
Date: December 2, 2002
URL: http://www.idf.il/newsite/english/1202-4.stm

The Iranian news agency, IRNA, reported that the Shahi Imam Syed Abdullah Bukhari had addressed Muslims in Delhi's (India) congregational mosque on Friday November 29, 2002, the last Friday of the Muslims holy month of Ramadan, known as international Quds day. In his sermon, Imam Bukhari said "The US, the Zionist regime [Israel], and the United Kingdom will be defeated and expelled to hell and the liberation of Palestine is as certain as the shining of the sun in the sky at midday".

Bukhari called on all Muslim countries to "be united to challenge the unholy alliance of the US and certain other Western powers against Islam". He also urged Islamic countries to acquire nuclear weapons to "become equal in power with their sworn enemies [US, UK, and Israel]", adding "We will face US and Zionist aggression and will pave the way for the liberation of first Qibla [first direction of Muslim prayer]. Believers will never be defeated or scared".

Commenting on the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, Bukhari said that the US and other Western countries had "themselves launched terrorist movements throughout the Islamic world". He emphasized that Islam was in danger of "the satanic aspirations of the US and those Western countries that act the same as the US".

Bukhari is known to have, in the past, made pro-Taliban and pro-Osama Bin Laden statements. In his sermon, Bukhari also commented that "Indian Muslims have the same faith as the Palestinians in facing the enemies of Islam [ie. Hindus]".

Iranian media is state controlled and therefore IRNA's decision to report the Imam's sermon shows the Iranian regime's support of terror against Israel, America and Britain.

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