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Islamic Savagery In Nigeria

Islamic Savagery In Nigeria

Author: Terry Graham
Publication: secularislam.org
Date: December 4, 2002

Muslim mobs in Nigeria used machetes to murder over 200 Christians and to seriously injure another 1,000.

The Muslim mass murderers were enraged by an article in the Lagos-based newspaper This Day, which suggested that Islam's founder Mohammed would have wanted to marry one of the contestants in the Miss World pageant.

Because of that one-sentence remark in a newspaper article, machete-wielding Muslim mobs literally cut to pieces over 200 unarmed Christian men, women and children.

The defenseless Christian victims did not even know why they were being so brutally massacred.

"Why are you murdering us?" asked one Christian woman who was trying to shield her two small children from the Islamic mob.

"Because of the article which you filthy Christians wrote," responded one of the Muslim butchers.

"What article?" the Christian mother pleaded. "I don't know about any article and my two small children do not know about any article."

The Christian woman and her two small children were then beheaded by the Muslim beasts.

The Muslim-controlled Nigerian military and police stood idly by while the massacre took place.

Only when the Christians organized armed defense patrols to repel the Muslim attackers did the massacre finally end.

However, even after the massacre, huge rallies were held in Muslim areas with Islamic mobs chanting, "Death to all Christians!" and "Death to all infidels!"

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Shinkafi, the deputy governor of the Muslim state of Zamfara, called for the assassination of the author of the article in question.

The author, Isioma Daniel, has been forced to flee Nigeria to save her life. She is reportedly in hiding somewhere in Europe.

This Day, the newspaper which printed the article, had its office in the northern Nigerian town of Kaduna burned out by the Muslim mobs.

At least four large Nigerian churches were also completely destroyed by the Muslim Nazis.

The organizers of the Miss World pageant blamed the newspaper article - not the Muslim Nazi mass murderers - for all of the death and destruction.

"We regret these incidents, but this is not the fault of Miss World. It is the result of irresponsible journalism," pageant spokeswoman Stella Din said.

Many members of the Bolshevik Establishment media in the U.S. and Europe were also quick to blame the newspaper article - rather than the bloodthirsty Muslims - for the horrifying slaughter of hundreds of innocents.

So when a newspaper columnist exercises her free speech right to comment on an event, and Muslim Nazis do not approve of her comment, if the Muslim Nazis then slaughter hundreds of innocent men, women and children, it is the fault of the newspaper columnist who had the gall to express her opinion.

This is the type of warped and utterly evil thinking that totally controls the Muslim-loving Establishment media in America and Europe.

And this comes from the same Establishment media that is usually fanatical in its defense of "freedom of the press." But apparently "freedom of the press" does not apply when the Establishment media wishes to suck up to Muslim mass murderers.

Unable to apologize enough, This Day removed descriptions of its journalists from the newspaper's web site and printed an "apology to all Muslims" in which it called Daniel's comment "utterly provocative" and claimed that it went to press in error after the supervising editor, in charge of editing copy for publication, pushed the wrong keys on his computer:

May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you all.... With all sense of responsibility, sensitivity and respect for all Muslims, we apologize for the great editorial error in last Saturday's edition. We seek forgiveness from all our Muslim brothers and sisters.... We are sorry that the portrayal of the holy prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) in a commentary written by one of our staff was not only unjustified, but utterly provocative....

We are still dazed by this sad development.... We can only plead that we mean no harm.... We recognize the gravity of this error, and we have handled it with all the seriousness it deserves, including very strong disciplinary measures for those who failed in their duties.

We therefore seek the understanding of our Muslim brothers and sisters and sincerely hope that in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, and in the interest of our beloved country, Nigeria, we would show forgiveness and understanding.... From all this we are learning many lessons. Even if we strive to respect all religious sensitivities, we now realize more than ever that we have to do even more as we build bridges of understanding across our complex religious divide.

May Allah ... continue to guide us aright....

A contrarian view was expressed by a Nigerian letter writer in Canada to the BBC:

If anyone calls what was written in This Day newspaper as "irresponsible journalism," then Nigeria is far from being a democratic state. Freedom of speech inspires rational thinking, research, questions, new suggestions, which in turn lead to modern development. If journalists have to consider how not to offend every religion, creed, tribe, belief in Nigeria before writing, then all the newspapers would have been shut down by now.

What I wonder at is that the Ramadan time is supposed to be spiritual for some people, yet they go out, kill fellow brothers and go back to fasting and praying. How do you marry [reconcile] these two practices?

Africa's newspapers have nearly all joined in decrying This Day's "irresponsible journalism." Kenya's pro-Islam East African Standard scathingly attacked the Nigerian newspaper's "irresponsible journalism" and "reckless statement" but made one truthful remark which fully exposes Islam's uniquely violent nature: Even though the history of humanity is replete with religious wars, never before has any been fought around a beauty pageant.... Gambia's Daily Observer sounded a similar call for "responsible journalism."

Only South Africa's The Star was skeptical that the Daniels piece was to blame for the slaughter: Could a newspaper article alone trigger the kind of mayhem the world has witnessed?

There is one final question in regard to this horrific massacre.

Since this type of Islamic Nazi intolerance, terrorism and mass murder is on display wherever there are large numbers of Muslims, is it possible for Muslims and non-Muslims to peacefully coexist?

History, present-day events and the Koran itself teach us that it is impossible.

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