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Cow's urine patented in US as bio-enhancer

Cow's urine patented in US as bio-enhancer

Author: UNI
Publication: The Hindu
Date: December 9, 2002

After Neem, turmeric and jamun, now it is cow's urine, traditionally used for medicinal purposes in India, which has been patented in the United States as a distilled bio-enhancer.

The government was aware of this fact and was considering the steps to be taken in this regard, official sources said here.

Cow's urine is a component of 'Panch Gawya,' a mixture of cow's milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung, used from ancient times as a component of food and medicine. It is also used in various ayurvedic medicines.

Though there was no separate strategy for popularising use of Panch Gawya, it was being popularised as part of the popularisation of the Indian System of Medicine and Health medicines, they said.

Now with the patenting of Cow's urine has confirmed the belief of naturopaths that it has got medicinal properties which enhances the life span. Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai was among the staunch supporters of cow' urine.

Earlier, the patenting of turmeric and neem in the US had created a furore in the country as people protested the patenting of traditional Indian knowledge abroad.

Recently, the Jamun fruits that has been widely used in the Indian system for treatment of diabetes, has been patented in the US.

Meanwhile, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has allocated Rs 10534.97 lakh for conducting research on discovery of new drugs during the past three years.

During the year 2002-02, Rs 3368.158 lakh was used for this purpose while during the previous year it was Rs 3217.496 lakh and Rs 3949.323 lakh during 1999-2000, they informed.

During the last three years, two new drugs for treatment of asthma and a blood clot dissolver had been developed by various laboratories of the Council.

The Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh has developed Sterptokinase, a blood clot dissolver, which could play a crucial role in treatment of heart diseases and brain stroke.

Meanwhile, a spermicidal contraceptive cream 'Consap' has been developed and its clinical trial completed by the Central Durg Research Institute, Lucknow and marketing permission is awaited from DCG.

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