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Jamatia Hoda's no to 'taxes', to carry on resisting ultras

Jamatia Hoda's no to 'taxes', to carry on resisting ultras

Publication: Assam and North-East
Date: December 1-15, 2000
URL: http://www.axom.faithweb.com/news/dec11.html

The State-level conference of the Jamatia Hoda, the highest body of the community, has decided to ban payment of all kind of tax to the militants. They also decided to carry on the struggle against the insurgents, specially against the National Liberation Front of Tripura, who are interfering with the religious and social affairs of the community.

The 410th conference of the Hoda, which the leaders claim was established in 1,590 also resolved unanimously that the Jamatia are Hindus and they will continue with this identity. Two Akra's (leader) of the community Bikram Bahadur Jamatia and Hari Charan Jamatia were re-elected in their posts.

The conference held at Hadupa village under Teliamura Police Station in West Tripura district assumed special significance in view of the present onslaught against the Hindu tribals by the NLFT. They were forcing the tribals to convert into Christianity and also was preventing them from performing their traditional rituals.

The Jamatias, the most organized tribal community in the State first revolted when the NLFT issued notification imposing ban of performing ofd Garia Puja and Durga Puja, last year. The Jamatia Hoda decided to defy the ban and performed both the festivals.

Since then, the two Akra's are organizing a massive agitation against the militancy. They also organized volunteer forces to resist the entry of militants in Jamatia dominated villages. The two-day conference on December 9 and 10 has approved it and decided to further intensify the agitation.

Inspired by the Jamatia's few other tribes like Reangs, Chakmas and Uchoi's also launched anti-militancy agitation in villages dominated by them.

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