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Hangin' Judge (II of II)

Hangin' Judge (II of II)

Author: U.S. Umesh, Dubai
Publication: Outlook
Date: December 16, 2002

I wonder if the whole report is based on the kind of evidence I quote from the tribunal report: "It 'appears' that on its onward journey to Ayodhya, there was an incident at Dahod station where kar sevaks indulged in vandalism and terrorising of Muslim vendors. According to another version, the incident took place on the return journey. There is no clear evidence of the date of the incident but it is clear that it took place." The basis here, clearly, is not eyewitness accounts, but pure rumour!
D.D. Pappu, Kochi

How responsible and caring are these humanists! They busy themselves with a post-mortem that sounds like a commie plot to sully the BJP. And my, the report had to come out just before the polls...very strange.

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