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Hinduism and Physics merge in 'God & Science'

Hinduism and Physics merge in 'God & Science'

Author: V.V. Raman
Publication: Science & Theology News
URL: http://www.stnews.org/articles.php?article_id=163&category=books

God & Science: Divine Causation and the Laws of Nature.

Though the majority of science-and-religion books are Judeo-Christian in nature, there has been a recent surge of spokespeople from other traditions - namely, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism - publishing about the harmony of their beliefs with modern science.

God & Science is mathematician Richard Thompson's well-written collection of essays, showing the connection between science-and-religion and Hinduism. Through the book, Thompson proves himself to be a thoughtful writer with a solid mathematics and physics background. Furthermore, he shows a clear understanding of Hindu and other religious texts and a devotional sympathy for the Vaishnavism, a metaphysically sophisticated form of Hinduism dedicated to the worship of Vishnu, a major Hindu god. Thompson clearly argues that the myths surrounding Vaishnava literature can be meaningfully interpreted in terms of current science - in conjunction with the many-worlds theory, geological time scales or evolution.

The book's chapter themes range from cosmology to consciousness. It discusses rational mythology; the 1995 milk miracle, in which Hindu statues began "drinking" milk offered to them; the advanced astronomy in works on Hindu sacred history and much more. In the process, God & Science explains, in laymen's terms, some of the complex ideas of current physics.

Most technical physicists wouldn't concur with efforts to harness physics into a God-centered worldview, but this book will open readers' eyes to the richness and multiplicity in human culture. For those who take God as the substratum of the universe, this Vaishnavite version of that conviction will prove both interesting and insightful.

V. V. Raman is an emeritus professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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