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Terrorists planning big hit: 7/11 accused

Terrorists planning big hit: 7/11 accused

Author: S Balakrishnan
Publication: The Times of India
Date: August 6, 2006
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1859901.cms

Kamal Ahmed, one of the main accused in the 7/11 serial blasts case, has stunned interrogators with disclosures that a terror module, which has already slipped into the city, is planning a "big hit."

Since terrorists operate on a need-to-know basis, Ahmed has no clue as to what the "big hit" would be. Security agencies presume it would be aimed at paralysing the city's economy.

Police sources told TOI on Saturday that Ahmed, who was picked up from Bihar, should know what he is talking about since his primary job was to facilitate entry of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists across the Indo-Nepal border and escort them to different locations.

In the recent past, he had escorted members of two modules. Some of them were brought by him to Mumbai for executing the train blasts and others were taken to Jalandhar before being brought back to Mumbai.

The sources also said a couple of days before the blasts, two Pakistani experts, cooordinating with local mastermind Rahil Shaikh, helped marry the timers to the bombs and instructed local operatives on how to set them so there was no repeat of the incident when a timer failed to work on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai express on February 19.

Soon after completing their Mumbai assignment, the Pakistanis were escorted out of the country by Rahil, a former Grant Road resident, who is now in Bangladesh under the protection of Qari Saheb of Harket-ul-Jihad-ul-Islam.

"We have a fairly good idea of the conspirators involved. What is causing concern is information given by Ahmed about the possibility of a big hit,"a senior police officer said.

Meanwhile, the Centre may rush para-military forces to assist police in providing security at Ganesh mandaps in Mumbai and Pune.

Security agencies have, however, placed Navratri in a higher-risk category as the terrorists have been targeting Gujaratis. About 75 per cent of those killed in the blasts were Gujaratis.

"Considering that thousands congregate for 'garba', we feel even more security should be provided during Navratri,"a police official said.

It was also learnt that Rahil's mother had complained twice to the Mumbai police against her own son in the past. Rahil often used to get into fights with family members who he felt were not following "pure Islam."

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