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London Bomb Plot Links 7/11 Mumbai blast

London Bomb Plot Links 7/11 Mumbai blast

Author: Premendra Agrawal

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna-Terrorism appeaser UPA? Plotters are British-born with ties to Pakistan? But Mush's ISI works with British anti-terror police. Why Mush helps to India?

Terrorism spreads due to tolerance policy. Now European countries' tongues also taste terrorism. Plotters are British-born with ties to Pakistan? But Mush's ISI works with British anti-terror police.

Sponsor of terrorism Musharraf wants from India proofs of Pakistan involvement in the 7/11 Mumbai blasts. Pakistan's intelligence agencies have been working closely with British anti-terror police, monitoring "for some time," the activities of suspected terrorists, many of whom have links with Pakistan-based Islamist militant groups" the Times said. There are so many secularists in India having so many close friends in Pakistan. I wonder why not they are trying to find out the Pakistan based terrorists involved in the Mumbai blasts.

The US Embassy has already issued a warning of possible al-Qaeda attacks in India.

London bomb planters are Pakistanis

The BBC report indicates that the main plotters are "British-born" with "ties to Pakistan". 21 arrests in connection with the plot, are believed to British citizens many of Pakistani descent, the Times and the Birmingham Mail said.

LeT linked to Al Queda

On Aug 10, Pakistani security forces placed under house arrest the outlawed Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba chief, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed. His name with Daud and Tiger Memon is also in the list of wanted terrorists given to Pakistan by India. Perhaps he is suspected in London's foiled liquid blast plan. LeT's involvement is also suspected in 7/11 Mumbai blasts. August 10 is remarkable because on this date decision of TADA court on 93's Mumbai blasts could not be announced as promised.

Noted academic Lord Meghnad Desai and MJ Gohel of the Asia-Pacific Foundation said they had no doubts whatsoever that the 7/11 Mumbai blasts were the handiwork of Lashkar-e-Taiba or Jaish-e-Mohammad. The blasts were part of a dark and sinister global agenda, they added.

Inaugration of Terrorists HQ on 2012 Olympic

M.J. Gohel, said that a variety of people who have passed through the Tablighi Jamaat's mosques have gone on to commit terrorist acts, including Mohammad Siddique Khan, one of the suicide attackers in the deadly London transport bombings in July. "Tablighi involvement in future terrorist activities at home and abroad are not a matter of conjecture; it is a tragic and definite certainty," Gohel said.

Abbey Mills Riverine Centre (AMRC) is drawing up plans for a giant mosque a £300 million project of Tablighi Jamaat that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the 2012 Olympic complex in Newham, London. Terrorist linked group wants to use it permanent HQ.

London newspapers' reports on the project have made connections between Tablighi Jamaat and Islamist terrorism. Evening Standard columnist Andrew Gilligan claimed that two of the July 7 bombers had been to a mosque run by Tablighi Jamaat. Newham Cllr Alan Craig of the Christian Peoples Alliance party repeated the claim that Tablighi Jamaat was linked to terrorism and demanded a public debate on the issue.

Bojinka I

London's Foiled plot appears to be a plot that would resemble a "Bojinka II" operation. The original Oplan Bojinka (also known as Operation Bojinka, Project Bojinka, Bojinka Plot, Bojinga was a planned large-scale attack on Philipines airliners in 1995, and was a precursor to the September 11, 2001 attacks. "Bojinka I"was developed by al Qaeda operatives Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was starting his climb to be a top lieutenant to Osama bin Laden, and by Ramzi Yousef, who was the mastermind of the first bomb attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.

Mobile & liquid bombs' possible attack in India

Professor Paul Wilkinson, of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St Andrews University, said, "I would be very surprised if it was found that they were not involved as a movement. It is possible I suppose that some other movement could have copied the kind of techniques that had been used by the al-Qaida network, but I think that's unlikely.I don't think we should in any way underestimate it . . . and the authorities are right to be responding with exceptional measures."

Liquid Bombs

Security experts say there are a number of chemicals that could potentially be used in such a bomb, including nitroglycerin, hydrogen peroxide or hydrazine. The attraction for terrorists is that liquid explosives can be hard to detect, says Peter Hurry, an explosion specialist at risk consultant Kroll Inc. and a former British army bomb-disposal expert. Explosive liquids could get through airport security because security checks don't use ...

Yousef's Computer

Yousef's pet project was discovered on four floppy diskettes and an off-white Toshiba laptop personal computer inside his apartment, two weeks before the plot would have been implemented. Several encrypted files on the C: Drive contained flight schedules, calculations of detonation times, and other items. A file named "Bojinka" lists the eleven flights between Asia and the United States, which were grouped under five codenames. Strings were found

The laptop had names of dozens of associates, including some photographs of a few of them and including contact information for Mohammed Jamal Khalifa. They contained records of information

Abdul Hakim Murad, who was sent to the apartment to retrieve the computer after the fire.

He talked about the bombs. "Nobody can think that it's . . . explosive," he said, referring to the watches Ramzi Yousef planned to put on the airliners. He said that the nitroglycerin "which even you'll put in the X-ray, you will never, nobody can" detect it.

His testimony helped to convict Yousef. Yousef would later be arrested in a hotel room in Islamabad, Pakistan on February 7, 1995 after a 23-day manhunt. All three conspirators got life sentences for participating in the plot. Yousef also got 240 years along with his life sentence for the 1993 World Trade Center attacks. Yousef was sentenced on January 8, 1998, and Murad was sentenced on May 16, 1998. Shah has been cooperating with the government since August 1998.

93 Bom Blasts were early warning flags

People who feel that the United States Government should have discovered September 11 feel that the the findings of 93's Bombay blasts and discovery of Operation Bojinka should have raised early warning flags that would have prevented September 11, pointing to Phase II. Some from this side of the argument also feel that the U.S. government should have connected the dots.

One person stood up on the top of his building situated at floody Surat. He waved red clath to request for help. Electronic Media reported and he got help. Politics of flood, appeasement, divide and rule and resevation is being played by Sonia and her Govt. They want vote to communalize atmospehere. This is also warning red flag. This is not in the purview of secular media. People should understan these.


Premendra Agrawal, Agrasen marg, Behind Sindhi School, Ramsagarpara, Raipur-492001, India

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