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Why look elsewhere - The culprits are among us

Why look elsewhere - The culprits are among us

Author: Charti Lal Goel
Publication: Organiser
Date: August 20, 2006
URL: http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=144&page=16

The monster of terrorism and its menace has grown terribly out of proportion in the whole country and has become quite unbearable. This terrorism has already struck our places of national pride, religious pride and places of military, civil and social importance, killing hundreds of military personnel, innocent men, women and children and has caused tremendous damage to the national property.

Now, the latest attack on Mumbai local trains, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent people, the nation seems to have awakened from its deep slumber. Even the government and other political parties have been compelled to realise the gravity of the situation. As a result, the government has summarily postponed the peace talks with Pakistan and has asked the Pakistan Government to behave and fulfill its promise in right earnest which it laid at the time of NDA Government in January 2004 "Not to help the terrorist in any way from its soil and to demolish all terrorist training camp."

There is now an open discussion in the electronic and print media as also in general public and seminars as to what are the options before the country to crush or control this menace. The options being suggested by the people are:

1. Should we strike across LoC?

2. Eliminate key militants and their camps across LoC.

3. Should India snap diplomatic ties with Pakistan and take diplomatic offensive?

4. Should we break up peace talks and other peace bringing measures?

Out of these options, any one or more can be taken up as per situations and developments in view of the global and nuclear presence.

But along with that or even before that there is another aspect, which needs to be taken a serious note by the nation. That aspect is to make our own house in order. If the terrorists coming from outside are not helped by the persons inside the country and they are not able to get any foothold, the backbone of the terrorism can well be broken. The terrorists are able to implement their nefarious designs and projects only when they are able to establish their local links. They come in the country, stay for days and months together. People, both Hindus and Muslims, give them accommodation when fabulous rents are offered. They purchase explosive material and all the necessary equipment in the country. They even manage people to work for them in acquiring weapons and explosive material and plant them as per their command. They even manage to plant their people in strategic position in intelligence, etc. Can the government and people not come together and seriously take all such measures as to discourage and finish all such local links? Does the safety of the innocent people and the nation not demand of the government to finish all such local links with all force at its command? Can the citizens of the country not be made to cooperate with the government for all such measures?

Why the Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid be not hauled up if he says that mere suspicion about involvement of Al-Queda or any other outfit without proof is an anti-Muslim act? Why those persons who give a certificate that SIMI is not involved in terrorism, although the involvement of its activists is very much seen by the intelligence and the police cannot be taken to task? Why some people who come in support of such elements which are interrogated by police for investigation cannot be taken to task? Why such people who provide their accommodation to strangers without informing police cannot be punished? All this is possible when there is a will to act.

There is another factor, which is encouraging some people in becoming local links of the terrorists without fear. That factor is that even if somebody is found to be involved in such acts, large hue and cry is raised in the name of secularism and those politicians and political forces who are after a vote bank ultimately try to protect them. All these factors give a strength to these undesirable elements and that is why educated youth are also coming in their fold. These politicians and political forces will have to mend their way if they sincerely desire to safe the nation from this alarming situation by sacrificing their selfish interest of vote bank.

In the long run, in democracy, it is the people of the country to be well awake and see that such politicians and political parties who take their self interest over and above the national are kept away from the governance of the country. If we are able to put our own house in order we will not have to bother much for the supportive or unsupportive behaviour of Pakistan.

(The author is Advocate and former Speaker, Delhi Vidhan Sabha and can be contacted at 60, Banarsi Dass Estate, Timarpur, Delhi-110054.)

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