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Madrasas instigate religious frenzy - They are exploited to weaken the country

Madrasas instigate religious frenzy - They are exploited to weaken the country

Author: Acharya Sudhanshu Maharaj
Publication: Organiser
Date: August 20, 2006
URL: http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=144&page=15

The whole world is getting caught in the terrible web of terror and violence. It has assumed the proportion of the most monstrous problem of this century. I feel the objective of terrorism is to gain more power, wealth and, with the help of instigating communal frenzy, to rule over a large part of the world, though it directly does not appear to be so. It seems that some misguided people are involved in terrorism, but this is not the fact. It is a preplanned international conspiracy, which has affected not only Bharat, but also the whole world. If some concrete and effective measures are not taken at the international level, it will, undoubtedly, turn into the most perilous problem of the century.

Like nuclear power, communal frenzy is being misused by some people with vested interests to champion the cause of terrorism. One more fact that should be paid adequate attention to understand the root-cause of terrorism is that a section of people are being instigated with wrong interpretations of the teaching of the Quran. Indoctrinating the impressionable minds with such wrong interpretations, children are prepared in such a way that they do not take terrorism as terror but as their dedication to this cause by regarding it as a holy work. They are also enticed with the allurements of heaven if they indulge in jehad. This is also a part of this problem. However, this is also a fact that some people get attracted towards terrorism due to financial reasons, while some may have personal problems.

The influence of terrorism in India does not confine only to Kashmir. It has registered its presence at the doors of our Parliament also. Through the attack on Akshardham temple and blasts at other religious places like Raghunath temple of Jammu, Ayodhya, Kashi, etc., Islamic terrorists have tried to disturb the religious tolerance. Terrorism has not only challenged the asmita of Hindu society, it has tried to break the unity of the country. The terrorist outfits by securing secret information of the country through their espionage network are trying to shake the very roots of the country. This menace is spreading due to the patronage and shelter being provided by some "traitors" in our own country.

Some of the recent terrorist incidents indicate that the objective of terrorists is not just to break the unity of the country but also to make the country weak economically. Hence, the technological and scientific centres, considered to be the nerve centres of our country, are also in their hit list. In fact, they want to hit every place or thing that will break the country, divide us or weaken the social and economic strength of the country. Peace opens the door of prosperity for any nation, but terrorism adopts all means to harm the peace.

Unfortunately, some people willingly or without understanding their real motives, defend terrorism or speak in support of terrorists with an eye to secure votes of a particular community. Some people also try to provide a security cover to the jehadi terrorists by interpreting terrorism in different ways, which is very dangerous for the country.

Therefore, the need of the hour is that some concrete and effective steps should be taken to wipe out the curse of terrorism. The police and security personnel should be provided with some additional powers in order to effectively combat the menace of terrorism. The morale of security forces must not be brought down. The mediapersons who indulge in yellow journalism should also be cautioned.

The morale of the police and the army also should not be allowed to be lowered under the pretext of human rights violations. The soldiers who are always ready to face the bullets of terrorists do not join the army merely to earn bread and butter for their family. They are the aan, baan and shaan of the country. We are proud of them. The menace of terrorism can be understood only by knowing the miseries of the people living in the terrorism-affected areas. Likewise, problems of soldiers cannot be understood just by sitting in the air-conditioned rooms in Delhi. Attention is needed to be paid to modernise madrasas by introducing vocational training and new education systems. Apart from internal security, intelligence agencies should also be strengthened.

The intellectuals from all sections of the society should be united and should present an authentic perspective of the situation prevailing in the country before the common man.

An autonomous judicial commission should be constituted to control those political parties that directly support terrorism or instill a feeling of separation into a particular section of the society to get their votes. A high-level committee comprising political, social and religious leaders may also be constituted, which jointly formulates an action plan to fight terrorism and also spreads the right message among people so that they are not misguided.

(The author is a highly respected saint and founder of Vishwa Jagriti Mission, India.)

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