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Meaning of the encounter in Mumbai

Meaning of the encounter in Mumbai

Author: Editorial
Publication: Marathi Daily 'Pudhari' (Free translation)
Date: August 24, 2006

Sometimes, we do not see what we are watching and sometimes, we do not have the capacity of understanding what we are seeing. This very sloppy carelessness has caused the bomb explosions, which took place in Mumbai in the last month and caused loss of a number of innocent lives. And the proof of alertness is the taking into of custody of two terrorists by Police on Monday night at late hours. This wakefulness has come only after so many victims in Mumbai. It has come after Kamaal Ahmed who was arrested in Bihar subsequent to those explosions had provided important information. To send the terrorists from here to Pakistan and bring in those were coming, via Nepal was the assignment of Kamaal. After the explosions in Mumbai, Police went upto Bihar and took him in custody. But before that the main local leader Rahil Sheikh had slipped off to Bangladesh safely. This man emanates from Mumbai and symptoms of his Jihadi tendencies were visible in his young age only.

His very mother had noticed there signs and she had straightway lodged a complaint against him with the Police. Perhaps, if Police had taken immediate notice and put him in Jail, the Mumbaikars would not had have to face the terrible incident. Resident of South Mumbai, Rahil Sheikh used to harass even the family members in house. He used to constantly trouble them for their not praying Namaz five times or their not being strong fanatic Muslims. His very mother who had given him birth had complained against him to Police. It was a very clear symptom of his having been contaminated with Jihadi violence. But who was to look at that reality? The government machinery has been so much influenced by the slogan "There is no religion of terrorism and Jihad has nothing to do with Islam", that the complaint of Rahil's mother was filed away. But Rahil became alert after the people at home had taken such a stand and slipped out of Mumbai. His mother got busy again in her work thinking that her bugbear had gone away. What was the use of giving advance warning to Police? Now, when the Police got a solid hit on head, then only the statement of people like Kamaal Ahmed have been taken seriously and the work had started.

The information given by Kamaal Ahmed was extremely serious which destroyed the sleep of Mumbai Police. Because two gangs had arrived from Pakistan to cause great busts in Mumbai and they wanted to do very great terrorist acts in Mumbai. This was confessed by Kamaal Ahmed. But he did not have any clue as to what they wanted to do and where exactly they were moving. Jihadi people work in this manner only. They do not take any Press meet or discuss their plans among people to do such things. Only the leader knows the entire plan. Others are completely in dark about their machinations. Sometimes they do not know even who is their leader. They have to go where they are ordered to reach from where they get further instructions. If and as the news is leaked, the leader keeps making changes in his instructions. The assignment of Kamaal was to send and bring in the Jihadi youth. Hence he knew only whom he had brought in and whom he had sent via Nepal. He could know in the meantime from their talk in code language that they wanted to do two drastic feats in Mumbai. The Mumbai Police could not therefore sleep for one month. The work of searching for Jihadis in Maharashtra and states around was going on day and night. But for this, the rulers and the politicians greedy for votes must allow the Police to work! What the poor Police could do if they are being threateningly told constantly that "Do not arrest anybody on suspicion without reason or torture them"? But at least they came out in the open and started searching for Jihadis. From this, they caught the first fish in Wadala. A Maruti car was chased and was caught on suspicion in which they found a Pakistani citizen, Mohammed Riyaz who was took in custody. On investigations and strict questioning, he revealed that his companion was hiding in the nearby Government colony. Immediately, in the night at an unearthly hour a full detachment of Police reached in that colony, that building was surrounded and the hiding Jihadi was called out. As expected, he started firing.

He really made a favour of hiding in an uninhabited building. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible for Police to arrest or kill any person in an inhabited building. To make a shield of innocent people and run away behind it is the strategy of Jihadis. Because when innocent citizens are killed the Police are on the carpet. In Lebanon, Hizbullah fire off rockets hiding in a locality full of people and when Israel bombs that locality, they give a cry of Israel attacking citizens. In a colony, in an uninhabited building two suspicious Jihadis camp with explosives and the citizens living around do not suspect them? How and who should believe on this? Because, this Government colony is a zone of rush and traffic. These two persons could not have found out this uninhabited building without the help of some local person. Because the Jihadis, caught and killed both living there are Pakistani citizens. A pistol can be hidden, but they had an AK-47 rifle. Is it possible that taking this entire luggage they reached on the third floor of that building without being noticed by any one? The one who was killed was named Abu Osama. Some local religious fanatic must have helped these two. Such traitors must be hounded out. Because, with this encounter, the danger or by catching a handful of Jihadis, the danger has not finished. As per the information given by Kamaal Ahmed, the original conspiracy was to cause some great terrorist act on Independence Day or during Ganeshotsav and Navaratrotsav. For that purpose Kamaal had brought in two gangs in Mumbai. Besides these, God knows how many gangs and explosives have been brought in! They must be found out. But first it is damn necessary to unearth the patrons of such Satans and those who had given them help and asylum and destroy them. Keeping eyes and ears open and seeing and hearing what we can, is very important. Analysis and the parroting of civil liberties are meaningless. Police should not pay any attention to them and it is necessary that citizens also should remain awake and watch the happenings around with inquisitiveness. If you remain careless and asleep, the night will belong to the enemy? Wouldn't it?

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