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One More Reason of Why Pandits Need Panun Kashmir !

One More Reason of Why Pandits Need Panun Kashmir !

Author: Pawan Durani
Publication: thekashmir.wordpress.com
Date: February 15, 2007
URL: http://thekashmir.wordpress.com/2007/02/15/one-more-reason-of-why-pandits-need-panun-kashmir/

The Demand of Pandits for a separate Homeland with a union territory status in India can not be ignored. The pandits demand a sperate place "Panun Kashmir".

The Government of Jammu & Kashmir has mostly had a member from muslim majority at the helm of affairs, and whosoever he has been has always been indifferent to pandits. The pandits dont get enough share in Govt. Jobs though Kashmiri Pandits are probably the only 100% educated community in India. The children do not get thier share in professional colleges, The pandits have been killed & made to live as refugees.

And now ….in this session of the state assembly the Govt introduces and passes the SHARIAT BILL. The bill makes SHARIAT LAW applicable in Kashmir and was introduced in assembly by Rariq Hameed Karra , who is part of the ruling alliance in Kashmir. The bill was supported by Congress (I) and PDP. Congress (I) which ridicules anyone who speaks of hindusim as "Communal" find nothing wrong in passing a Shariat Bill In Kashmir.

To put more salt on the wound of Kashmiri Pandits the same House rejected the bill meant to protect the Temples of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. These temples are either been destroyed by Islamic fundamentalist or forcibly occupied by the Mafia. The state is not even willing to hand over the affairs of temples belonging to Kashmiri Pandits back to Kashmiri Pandits.

Well……this may be one of the stepping stone on way of making " BHARAT " as "Islamic Republic Of India"………

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